Korg ARP 2600 Mini, Photos From Guitar Center Show A Smaller Version (Leak?)

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New leaked pictures from the GC website show a possible Korg ARP 2600 Mini, which may be available on the market after the FS (full size) version is sold out.

Since this morning there has been clarity in the Korg and ARP 2600 topic. Yes for NAMM 2020, they will present an updated version of the ARP 2600 in full size with several new features at a classy price of almost $4000. This should only come onto the market in a strictly limited version. You can now pre-order the ARP 2600 FS at the usual music shops worldwide.

Guitar Center, yes they still exist, may have possibly made a big mistake when uploading the photos last evening. These photos show what maybe coming after the limited FS version, a mini and more affordable version of the ARP 2600. It looks like Korg is following the same product strategy as the Odyssey. A small budget version and a limited full-size version.

Korg ARP 2600 Mini

There is no official announcement or rumors. However, the photos show a device that looks very different than the ARP 2600 FS from Korg. Smaller, light gray interface, a different interface on the left side and a three-octave keyboard (no four like on the FS version).

Different Layout

It is noticeable that the interface of the possible mini version looks different, less noble/rock solid. Also, the housing in which the electronics are located has a less big and massive optic. On the left picture, you can see that the “mini” version offers connections on the side that of the ARP 2600 FS doesn’t have.

Korg ARP 2600 Mini 1.001 ARP Model 3620.001

Three-Octave Keyboard Without Aftertouch

If you look at the control panel of the mini version, you will notice that it has a three-octave keyboard (not 4 like the FS) without aftertouch but the new arpeggiator and sequencer. Also noticeable is that the portamento footswitch control is located on the side on the possible mini version.

ARP 2600 Mini

I can not confirm whether these Korg ARP 2600 Mini photos are true or even photo montages. It’s strange that Guitar Center shares such photos because if you zoom in you’ll find that there’s no text on the front panel, it’s all blank labels only. Also, some of the controls are laid out differently.  One thing I can say: they come from the Guitar Center website, a trustworthy shop in the USA.

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