TWO is Tim Schoebridge’s Latest User Oscillator For The KORG Minilogue XD

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TWO is a new user oscillator for the KORG minilogue xd hybrid Synthesizer that allows the creation of newly derived waveforms from two separate base waveforms.

It’s very nice to see that the number of third-party expansions (oscillators…) for the innovative KORG minilogue xd Synthesizer is growing and growing. Tim Schoebridge, YouTuber/developer has today released TWO, a new user oscillator for the minilogue xd multi-engine.

It is based on a new algorithm with which you can create newly derived waveforms from two waveforms. In total are sixteen waveform combinations possible.

TWO Oscillator Minilogue xd

Modulation Options

Further, it is possible to phase-modulated the second of the two base waveforms using the minilogue xd’s shape control, which itself can be controlled from the synth’s LFO or envelope generator. Both modulators are built into the user oscillator engine and offer different function. Per example, the envelope generator has various modes allowing to be looped as well as have its rate controlled by the xd’s LFO.

TWO for Minilogue XD generates sound from three detunable digital oscillators. Besides the algorithm, the download includes 12 presets specifically designed for this new user oscillator.

The new oscillator for the KORG minilogue xd is available now for $7 USD.

More information here: Sound Mangling 

KORG minilogue xd is available at our partner


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