KORG Gadget 2 Update Features New Retro-Gaming Inspired Gadgets

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The latest KORG Gadget 2 update adds two new video-console inspired instruments as in-app purchase and Warszawa, a gadget-sized version of ELECTRIBE Wave.

Too bad but there is still no statement if and when we will see KORG apps as AUv3 version. However, the development of the current doesn’t stop. Gadget 2 got today a content update on all major platforms: PC, Mac, and iOS.

The new update features two brand-new instruments and one which we know already longer from the iOS platform.

KORG Gadget 2 Update

The new update features

  • Otorii is a 16-bit drum machine and is a collaboration with SEGA. With a focus on games like OutRun and After Burner that achieved popularity in the 80’s, we have sampled original equipment to create a library of drum sounds and SFX. From the logo to the interface design, this distinctive rhythm gadget is a nostalgic homage to the Genesis. 
  • Ebina is new Synthesizer module that is inspired by the Darius arcade cabinet made in collaboration with TAITO CorporationSynth sounds have been recorded from arcade games such as Darius and The Ninja Warriors. Through collaboration with Taito, we reproduced FM tone generator sounds as closely as possible, successfully reproducing sounds of these legendary arcade games. 
  • Warszawa is a new wavetable Synthesizer and is a gadget-sized version of the ELECTRIBE Wave synth engine.

All 3 new Gadget instruments are from now available as a PC & Mac plugin (free update) and as an in-app purchase for iOS. Warszawa is free of charge if you have installed ELECTRIBE Wave on your iOS device.

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