Tangible Waves Story, Super Affordable Modular Synthesizers From Germany

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At Superbooth 2019, I had the opportunity to talk with Robert from Tangible Waves. His product is called AE Modular and is a modular Synthesizer that does not follow the Eurorack format.

These modular Synthesizers use mini cables which we know from the KORG Modular, Bastl Instruments Kastle or also the Anyware Instruments Minisizer or Tinysizer.

Tangible Waves AE Modular

There is a wide range of different modules available from analog to digital (oscillators, filters, sequencer, drums…). Very interesting is the price of this modular Synthesizer: modules start at 17€ and a complete system cost around 328€, bigger one 435€.

These are definitely built in China? No, the PCB’ come from China, sure and normal but the rest is assembled in Germany by Robert including the faceplates.

Check out below my video story about Tangible Waves if you want to know more about the concept, idea and development of these super affordable modular Synthesizers from Germany.

More information here: Tangible Waves

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