After Later Audio QARV, flexible 4-channel multi-function module

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After Later Audio QARV gives you 4 channels of function generator, oscillator, slew limiter, envelope, and VCAs in a flexible 20hp multi-function module. 

A modular Synthesizer has many functions. Many of them are in modules. If you want to have as many as possible in your system, you automatically have many modules. Unless you rely on so-called multi-function modules that offers many functions in a single unit. Like the Expert Sleepers Disting, for example, which has over 100 functions.

Today the US-based manufacturer After Later Audio presented an interesting multi-function module that gives you audio and modulation features in a single 20HP module.

After Later Audio Qarv

After Later Audio QARV

QARV is a multi-function module and stands for quad attack, release and VCA. It features four channels of function generator, oscillator, slew limiter, envelope, and VCAs. Each channel has a uni-polar oscillator mode, attack and release time control (potentiometer & CV), shape control (attack + release), an output attenuverter, and VCA that normal to each subsequent channel. So you can use it as a 4-channel mixer with the CH4 VCA output as the final stage.

But there are also important differences between the channels. Starting with the channels 1 & 4. For example, the channel 1 has a 5V voltage source while channel 4 has 10V. The cycle time range between 50sec and 1kHu (0,5ms). These channels also offer the option to switch between IN (slew mode) and trig (envelope) mode. Users of the G&T module can transform the outputed rise and fall gates into triggers which can be very useful.

Unlike ch1/ch4, the channels 2 and 3 offers a bi-polar oscillator mode with which you can use the module as an oscillator. Also the cycle time is different here. Here the envelope cycle time range from 200sec – 1kHz (0.5ms). There are also BOTH input jacks that simplify patching both the attack and release. It also inverts the input to give more standard pitch tracking of higher voltage equals higher pitch.

A super flexible module, in my opinion, as it can be used as a standalone synth voice, or as a modulation beast with a quad envelope generator plus mixer.

After Later Audio Qarv is available now for $229 USD.

More information here: After Later Audio

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