Isla Instruments SP 2400 Drum Machine & Sampler Is Available Now For Pre-Order

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Isla Instruments SP 2400 is a new hardware drum machine / sampler that is heavy inspired by the legendary EMU SP 1200. The developers don’t describe as a clone but as a spiritual successor. So it offers a dual audio engine, samples are easier to import, and so on.

Good news coming today from Isla Instruments. The SP 2400 is available now for pre-order for $949 USD and will go in production by the end of this year. Shipping is estimated for December 2019 or January 2020. Thus, the SP 2400 will make a finished product and many beat producers happy at the end of the year.

Isla Instruments SP 2400


The spiritual successor to the greatest drum machine the world ever saw. ISLA Instruments founder, Brad Holland has been obsessed with drum machines for many years. Owning, repairing, restoring, modifying countless makes and models (see his crazy HR-16 mods on youtube).

The SP-2400 is nothing short of a passion project. Along with a small team of talented Software Engineers, CAD Engineers, and revered artists, we have developed, what we think is a future classic. Staying true to form in both sonic characteristics and design aesthetic were the main drivers in the realization of this project while bringing the hardware into the 21st Century and keeping the same ‘instant gratification’ and intuitiveness of its spiritual pre-predecessor at heart.

Isla Instruments SP 2400


  • Sturdy 4-piece Steel/Aluminium enclosure.
  • Mains Powered 100-250V AC.
  • Dual Audio Engine: 12-Bit/26.04khz Lo-Fi Engine (Classic SP Sound) and 24-Bit/48khz Hi-Fi Engine
  • Stereo Recording/Playback.
  • Channels 1-8 Pannable to Main out L/R Channels 7+8 can be ‘linked’ to support stereo audio content.
  • Headphone Output (9-10) w/independent monitoring of channels.
  • Dedicated Microphone Pre-Amp.
  • Looper Pedal Mode (with full duplex recording/playback).
  • Record and overdub live audio during playback.
  • USB Host & Device Ports: Connect USB thumb drives, keyboards, midi controllers directly into the SP2400.

Isla Instruments SP 2400 is available now for pre-order for $949.00 USD. You can use the code Flux302 to get $50 OFF, thanks to Ken of Fluxwithit. 

Shipping is estimated for December 2019 / January 2020. Bi-weekly progress reports will be given via this website, social media channels, and emails. Existing Isla Instruments customers prior to 6/16/2019 will be the first to be shipped.

More information here: Isla Instruments 

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