4ms Pods Transform Eurorack Modules Into Table-Top Instruments!

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4ms Pods are small, portable, nice looking cases that transform Eurorack modules into modular table-top instruments!

2018 was again a big year for the Eurorack Synthesizer market. Whether it will be like that in 2019 will be seen. In order to convince people completely with a module at the moment, you have to be innovative, because there are countless modules on the market that can do the same, similar to plugins.

4ms has recently introduced the Pods, a new kind of mobile enclosures for Eurorack modules. The housing purchase is actually is relatively unsettling process, as one usually decides for one with the best value/price factor. The pods are different because these are small cases that transform classic Eurorack modules into standalone table-top instruments.

4ms Pods

These are especially exciting for musicians who want to use certain modules without buying a complete system. For example, the pods are ideal for housing sampler, granular or looper modules. They look really nice and for a starting price of $99, it’s a great way to use modules outside a big system.


4ms Pods are low-cost, portable, compact enclosures that turn Eurorack modules into table-top instruments. Pods come with an integrated, daisy-chainable power supply that allows you to link multiple units in different configurations using only a single power brick.  Each Pod typically will house one or two modules, but three or more can be accommodated using a multi-power cable accessory. Standard M3 threaded holes allow for any configuration of modules.  Pods are available in a variety of widths: 20HP, 26HP, 32HP, and 60HP. More sizes will be available soon!

4ms Pod20 4ms Pod26 4ms Pod32 4ms Pod60

Mix and match your Pods with desktop synths, effect pedals, drum machines or any musical gear for a flexible modular system. Need to add another module? Just add a Pod! Need to pack light for a live set? Just grab the Pods you need and go! Made from 100% anodized aluminum, Pods are light, tough and perfect for on-the-go. The power supply can handle up to 700mA of +12V for the smaller Pods, and 1.4A for the Pod60, which is plenty of juice for even the most hungry modern digital modules. (Or if you prefer to DIY your power supply, Pods are also available unpowered!)

Pods are a perfect way to get started in Eurorack module, or to add a couple more modules to your monster system. They can even daisy-chain with the 4ms Row Power system, making them a convenient outboard mini-skiff.

 4ms Pods are available now starting at $99 USD. 

More information here: 4ms

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