Studio Electronics SE-1X Monophonic Analog Synth Is Back For A Limited Time

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Nice surprise from Studio Electronics. They have today announced a limited reissue of the SE-1X monophonic analog rackmount Synthesizer.

Studio Electronics  SE-1X


SE-1X 2019: The BOOM is back. For a limited time. Add it to your classic collection, or start fresh with this beloved, rackmount, monophonic analog synth legend; discover the secret sound of success on which the elite creators have built their tracks, tours, and treasure for decades. Signature basses, leads, and FX flow from these vintage circuits, always & organically, right when you need them.

The SE-1X, patriarch of the Studio Electronics analog sound: ATC-1 (X), Omega 8, CODE, Boomstar, Boomstar Modular, Tonestar, and Roland collab. SE-02 all share its DNA. Just add your own musical structure to the mix, and Studio Electronics’ Premium Quality Analog (since 1985 don’t you know!) is yours to boom… and chase away the gloom.


  • 3 Voltage Controlled Oscillators: Combinable triangle, sine, saw and variable pulse width square waveforms—all discrete. The second VCO now boasts a silky “ARP-ish” sine wave which replaces the more industrial strength triangle.
  • Multi-filter Powered: Two of the best filters ever designed: 24dB “Mini” and 12dB SEM with lo-pass and band-bass, now with an expanded frequency range
  • The Original 2 Stage, Voltage Controlled “Mini” Amplifier: Vintage Perfection
  • Noise Generator, Analog Ring Modulation, External Audio Input Processing
  • Switchable “Fuzz” circuit for amplifier saturation and overdrive
  • 4 Multiple Stage Envelope Generators: Envelopes 3 and 4 are assignable
  • 3 LFO’s with Key Trigger, Phase and MIDI Sync
  • Faster minimum envelope time than the original SE-1X
  • 693 Patches: four legendary factory banks in ROM, three designer banks in RAM
  • Continuous Controller Assignments to all vital parameters
  • Standalone Software Editor (purchased separately

Studio Electronics SE-1X 2019 is available now for $1899 USD.

More information here: Studio Electronics

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