Synthmaster 2.9.9 For $29,90, Popular Multi-Engine Synthesizer At An Unbeatable Price

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Grab the full version of Synthmaster 2.9.9, a massive multi-engine Synthesizer plugin with multiple synthesis types, filters, 1800 presets, and more for just $29.99 USD.

KV331 Audio has teamed up with Audio Plugin Deals for a big deal. For a limited time, you can buy the full version of Synthmaster 2.9.9 for only $29.99 USD (regular $99 USD). Two reasons why this is a “no-brainer” deal. On the one hand, the price never goes that low for the traditional Black Friday/Christmas sales and on the other hand, it is more than just another virtual analog synthesizer

Synthmaster 2.9.9 has the power of many synthesizers in one. The developers describe it as an “all-around” semi-modular software Synthesizer and effect plugin that features many different synthesis methods.  If you want to know more about the features, check below, I highlight them for you.

Synthmaster 2.9 deal.

Synthmaster 2.9.9

Synthmaster version 2.9.9 is a real feature monster. Few synthesizer plugins of this amount of synthesis. You can choose for each of the two oscillator per layer a synthesis type including virtual analog, additive, vector, wavetable, or SFZ sample playback synthesis. So you can combine different types of synthesis in one patch. Plus, you have a wide range of modulation that you can apply: FM, PWM, RM, AM, and physical modeling. Almost infinite possibilities.

Then, you have different zero-delay feedback filters from soft to biting ones and are categorized in four sections: VAnalog, multimode filters, dual filters, and comb filters. With advanced filter parameters like input gain, drive, and acid, you can get that “analog” sound from the filters! A great addition is the distortion stage that is available before, after, or even inside the filters. These also offer long sound design fun.

The signal flow is rounded off with 11 high-quality effects including distortion. LoFi, ensemble, delay, chorus, reverb, & more. Each of the 11 effect types can be inserted on any layer insert or on any of the 2 global effect bus inserts.

Massive Modulation Section

Synthmaster 2.9.9 also comes with hundreds of modulation targets and 48 modulation sources including different envelope types (ADSR, 2D, multi-stage), LFOs, KeyScalers, easy parameters, vocoder bands, MIDI velocity, aftertouch… You can manage this via the built-in modulation matrix, which has 64 available slots and visual filtering.

Powerful Arpeggiator

Also onboard is a powerful arpeggiator that features a wide range of features. It includes classic arpeggiator modes such as Up, Down, UpDown, DownUp, UpDown2, DownUp2, AsPlayed as well as Sequence, Chord, and Arpeggiate modes. Each of the 32 steps of the arpeggiator has its own Velocity, Note Number, Note Length, Slide, and Hold parameters. For easy parameter tweaks, Synthmaster features 8 easy knobs aka macro controls, and 2 XY pads that can be freely assigned.

Other Features

  • microtuning via scala tuning
  • comprehensive preset browser with 1800 presets
  • online presets: registered users can upload their presets to the online preset library, or browse and download presets created by other registered users; using the preset browser right inside the plug-in window.
  • multiple skins

These sounds are not included in the factory library but they give you a good overview what the synth is capable

I’ve been using Synthmaster for a long time. It’s always exciting what you can get out of the synthesizer plug-in. It doesn’t get boring with it. For the current sale price, it is a big deal in my opinion, as you get a lot of synthesis power for a little money. The developers are great supporters of the website, but I am open and can also express criticism. Synthmaster is an excellent sounding plugin, has many sounds, has many options. However, I’m not a big fan of the GUI which needs some modern tweaks. But the new skins by satYatunes are significant improvements already.

KV331 Audio Synthmaster 2.9.9 is available now for $29.99 USD at Audio Plugin Deals until March 30, 2021.

More information here: ADP 

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  1. This may be a hint to a 3.0 release soon (Yes, 2.9.9 is an even bigger hint I know ^^)
    Spending 30$ for a version soon to be unsupported might not be such a great bargain afeter all

    • the 2.9.9 is a 32-bit/64-bit plugin that works on all computers (PC/Mac). Version 3.0 is expected for the end of the year or even next year. They are not sure yet.
      So enough time and when version 3.0 is out, the plugin will still work like before. Nobody force you to buy the upgrade to v3. Plus if you want all the new features etc, the update cost just $30 which is fair.

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