Superbooth 19 Eurorack News: Ground Control Performance Sequencer & 5 Compact Modules

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At Superbooth 19, introduced a variety of new Eurorack modules, all of which have a nice black and gold faceplate design. Let’s start with the Ground Control, the biggest news for the show. It’s a 42hp performance oriented sequencer with a built-in 2 octaves keyboard.

It offers up to 64 steps per pattern, 24 patterns per track and 24 projects. For drum tracks and especially for integrating the BLCK_Noir module is also taken care of. It offers in total 4 drum tracks with 8 triggers and also 3 melodic CV/gate tracks. Superbooth 19 News

Besides this, it features two record modes (step input with step editing and live recording), a versatile arpeggiator and an internal power supply (same as in the Shuttle Control) that allows you power your modular system. Ground Control comes also with an external USB/MIDI interface that simplifies the DAW integration or to use the external MIDI gear.

A very nice new sequencer and one where the developers have not only thought about how to work in the modular system but also outside. Nice done.

7 New Modules

That was not all. have also introduced at Superbooth 19 new small format Eurorack modules that incorporate many features of their big products in small size. 5 in total and these are a the Godspeed+ VCO, Squawk Dirty VCF, Airstreamer ENV, Milky Way Multi-FX processor and P a 2H power module. Superbooth 19 News

Goodspeed+ is a 6HP VCO (“little Furthrrrr Generator”) that features a strong zero core with thru-zero linear FM, autotuning function and other advanced shaping possibilities. Squark Dirty is a dual/stereo 6HP VCF based on the Grand Terminal filter section within total 8 filter modes with meta CV scanning. It comes also with additional hi-pass filter. Grand Terminal has besides the Squark Dirty a second little brother/sister, the Airstreamer. It’s a new 6HP flexible envelope generator with variable slope curves and three modes: looping, ASR and AD. Additional features are bipolar/unipolar outputs or also a thru-zero VCA input.

You can not have enough sisters and brothers. Third Grand Terminal decoupling is the Milky Way, a new multi-effects processor with 8 types of effects with meta CV scanning. Same as for the Grand Terminal, additional banks (Airwaves, Darkwaves…) will be also available for Milky Way.

Availability & Price

Availability of the small modules starts in summer 2019 while the sequencer will be available in autumn 2019.

  • P: 120€
  • Airstreamer: 165€
  • Squark Dirty: 199€
  • Milky Way: 199€
  • Ground Control: 550€
  • Goodspeed+: (199€)

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