Superbooth 19 Polyend Eurorack News: Polyphonic, Presets & Battery Power

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At Superbooth 19, Polyend announced three new smart Eurorack that will bring fresh air in the module business. One thing that was always not possible in Eurorack systems is the saving of presets. With the new Preset module, the company tries to bring this handy feature in modular Synthesizers.

It allows you to store CV values in 32 banks of 32 presets and to recall them via the built-in pads. It has also the ability to record CV automation up to 30 seconds and to sequence through those presets.

Superbooth 19 Polyend Eurorack News

A very interesting module in my opinion that is especially loved by live musicians. Patches can become more lively and can be changed quickly in seconds. Clever module Polyend.

Polyend Preset Features

  • 9 completely configurable CV outputs
  • 8×4 Grid for custom control interfaces
  • Sequence-able preset banks
  • Record voltage changes of up to 30 seconds per output
  • 32 musical scales onboard

Another new module is the second version of the Poly module. Poly 2 is a polyphonic CV to MIDI converter that is compatible with any hardware or software device. New in the Poly 2 is a new bright OLED display, twelve configurable outputs, and a Smart Thru function that allows you to daisy chain multiple units to get more voices. A nice update that makes it more flexible and easy to use.

Polyend Poly 2 Features

  • 12 configurable outputs
  • 8 voices of polyphony
  • Beautiful OLED display
  • Smart Thru feature
  • Scale Quantization on board
  • MPE compatibility

Last but not least, Polyend has also announced Anywhere, a new Eurorack module with which you can power your Eurorack system with a power bank. According to the developers Anywhere sets your Eurorack system free.

With a 20.000 mAh battery, it’s possible to power up several modules for a couple of hours. A very handy module in my opinion, as it makes possible to take a small setup in the park to jamming around.

Availability & Price

  • Preset: end of July for 399€/$
  • Poly 2: end of June/July for 349€/$
  • Anywhere: end of June/July for 149€/$

More information here: Polyend 

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