BABYLON Is The Successor Of The Free Tyrell N6 Synthesizer & Is Under Development!

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There are many free Synthesizer plugins for PC & Mac on the market. One of the best-known is the Tyrell N6 from, initially published 10 years ago. The plugin was developed by U-he and with the help of the community.

It has been improved a lot in recent years and many sound designers released even tons of free presets for it. Highlights are the excellent sound quality, the easy-to-use interface and the free aspect. BABYLON

To celebrate Tyrell N6’s 10th anniversary and’s 20th-anniversary, they decide to create the successor of the Tyrell N6 Synthesizer and will name it BABYLON. The synth is being developed this time by, Axel Hartmann and Peter Gorge of UJAM.

Babylon Synthesizer

The exciting thing is: you can join the development with your own ideas. To participate, you must visit the website and write down your input in the commentary function. The first helpful ideas get a free t-shirt as thank you.

Release date: if they all stay on task, they will release Babylon Synthesizer by Christmas.

Price: FREE

I’m very curious how the successor of the Tyrell N6 Synthesizer will look like and what it can do. If it will have the same sound depth as the TN6, then we can expect a very exciting free synthesizer that will be a big success.

Visit the website for more behind the scenes information and to participate on the development.

More information here: 

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    • hey write it in the commentary function of article. If you write in english, it’s fine 😉

  1. I wonder it this project is to be continued?
    After the announcement in 19 in a lot a groups, one was curious.
    Also gave some input to ist.

    Wird es eine Fortsetzung geben?
    Nach der Ankündigung von 2019 in allen möglichen Foren, war man ja gespannt.
    Hatte selber Anregungen gegeben.
    Kommt was?

    • Wird was kommen, aber ich denke es dauert einfach weil die Entwickler Geld und Zeit kostet und die finanziellen Mittel eher minimal sind.

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