Rossum Electro-Music Announced Panharmonium Mutating Spectral Resynthesizer Eurorack Module

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Rossum Electro-Music has today announced for SynthPlex 2019 the Panharmonium Mutating Spectral Resynthesizer Eurorack module.

Panharmonium Mutating Spectral Resynthesizer


Rossum Electro-Music Software Architect Bob Bliss (who also, as it happens, fathered E-mu’s famed “EOS” Emulator Operating System) has created Panharmonium, a unique music and sound design tool that lets you analyze the spectral content of any audio signal and use that analysis to drive a bank of from 1 to 33 oscillators. Depending on various control settings, Panharmonium can accurately reproduce the input spectrum in real time or modify it in a multitude of wildly creative ways. All with an interface whose immediacy encourages performance and interaction.

Panharmonium input can be anything from a single oscillator to an entire mix (including vocals). From dense, swirling pads and drones that evolve with the input’s changing spectrum, to clock-syncable spectral arpeggiation, to as-yet-unnamed harmonic effects, Panharmonium opens up an entirely new world of sonic possibilities.

Additionally, Panharmonium can take a snapshot of an instantaneous spectrum and use that as a complex harmonic oscillator, which can then be modified and modulated by all of Panharmonium’s other controls. 

Key Functions

  • Spectral Analyzer provides tools for defining the analysis process
  • Spectral Modifiers controls allow you to creatively modify the analyzed spectra.
  • Oscillator Bank resynthesizes the analyzed spectra: wavefrom, freq, octave, glie, mix.
  • Optional Functions: drum mode, spectral warping…
  • Spectra Memories and Presets: 12 user Spectra memories and 12 user presets (in addition to 12 each factory memories)
    • The Spectra memories let you store up to 12 frozen slices. When selected, a spectrum (up to 33 oscillators wide!) replaces any live input and can have its pitch controlled by the 1V/Oct input and FM controls. A Preset is a snapshot of all of the module settings, along with the value of any CVs present at the moment the preset is saved.

Rossum Electro Panharmonium will be available for $499 USD in late spring from Rossum Electro-Music dealers worldwide.

More information here: Rossum Electro 

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