Divkid’s First Eurorack Module Is Mutes A 4-Channel Performance Muting Tool!

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As a Eurorack system owner, it’s hard not to know the Synth YouTuber Divkid. Almost every day he reports on the latest Eurorack products and puts us under the spell of cables and modules. Now he turns the game over and has released his first own module in collaboration with Befaco. Mutes is a clever 4-channel performance muting tool.

Simple and thoughtful concept. Mutes features in total 8 channels (4 inputs/4 outputs) with mute switches in between that gives you the ability to mute signals (CV/audio) within your rack. Especially for racks used in live situation a very useful extension. Quick bypass a modulation or hide parts of your tracks is possible here.

DivKid Mutes

This signal interruption can be done with the help of three different modes: off (muted), on (unmuted) but also momentary unmute. The latter allows you to make super fast unmute/mute in a live performance per example. Additional internal vactrols guarantees soft and click-free mutes. The inputs are normalized to all outputs so you can route single & multiple channels to different destinations, CV or Audio.

A super useful module in my opinion especially for live performances. Modulations, effects or complete tracks can be quickly faded out and reinserted. With not all a lot, you can bring quick changes to your live set.

Mutes module is available now for £110 fully built or £70 as a kit. On top, you get a small pack of knurlies (Befaco’s excellent Euorack screws)  and a couple of Glow Worm cables in the box.

More information here: DivKid

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