Expert Sleepers Released Disting mk4 Firmware 4.10: New Delays, Wavetable LFO / Waveshaper & More!

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Expert Sleepers has released another big update for the Disting mk4 many-in-1 multifunction module.

The new update features many new algorithms including new longer delays, new filters, clockable wavetable LFO & waveshaper & more.

Expert Sleepers Disting mk4

New Features

  • Added the Clockable SD Delay, Stereo Clockable SD Delay, and Stereo Clockable SD Delay (Z clock) algorithms.
  • Added the Clockable Wavetable LFO algorithm.
  • Added the Wavetable Waveshaper algorithm.
  • Added the DJ Filter algorithm.
  • Added the Dual Vowel Filter algorithm.
  • Added the Mixer algorithm.
  • Added individual output attenuverters and a Y Offset parameter to the Clockable LFO algorithm.
  • Added a Y Offset parameter to the State Variable Filter, LP/HP Filter, LP/HP Filter, BP/HP Filter, and BP/Notch Filter algorithms.
  • The Shift Register Random CVs algorithm now has an Offset parameter, and the Shift Register Random Quantized CVs algorithm now has a Transpose parameter. For both algorithms, the output attenuator is now an attenuverter.
  • Increased the length of the filename displayed by the Audio Playback algorithms.


  • a problem which would cause some unusually formatted WAV files not to work.
  • a problem with receiving MIDI from certain devices (notably those by Elektron) which could result in stuck notes or notes being ignored.
  • unnecessary output glitches which could occur when exiting the menu system or switching parameters.
  • a problem which could cause the Z push to no longer switch parameters if the module were left untouched for about 7 hours.

The new firmware 4.10 is available now as a free download for all users of the Disting mk4. The firmware is not compatible with older Disting modules.

More information here: Expert Sleepers

Available here

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