Akai Professional MPC Software 2.3 Features Three New Synths, Autosampler & More!

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Akai Professional MPC Software 2.3 includes three new Synthesizers (TubeSynth, Bassline, Electric), a handy autosampler feature & more!

Akai Professional has released today a major feature update for the MPC Software and firmware that turns it into a Synthesizer. The new update 2.3 includes three powerful built-in Synthesizer designed by AIR Music Technology: TubeSynth, Bassline and Electric. TubeSynth emulates the sound of vintage poly Synthesizers, Bassline of mono synths and Electric of electric pianos. That not all.

It comes also with a brand new auto-sampler that allows you to capture and convert any plugin or external instrument into a sampler patch. On top of this, a new arpeggiator is also available in the new update.

Akai Professional MPC Software 2.3


MPC 2.3 advances the user experience in amazing new ways,” said Dan Gill, Akai Professional Product Manager. “Users will especially love the new plugins created by AIR. They definitely open up a whole new world of creative possibilities.”


The TubeSynth emulates the sound of classic vintage analog poly-synths packaged with five integrated AIR effects. The instrument is created by AIR and is based on the same advanced analog modelling technology found in their highly acclaimed desktop plugin synth Vacuum Pro.

Akai Professional MPC Software 2.3

The layout has been carefully designed for easy tweak-ability via the MPC Q-Links. The TubeSynth comes packaged with a comprehensive factory library of cutting-edge presets including sumptuous pads, hard hitting plucks, thunderous basses and screaming lead sounds.

  • Flexible 3 Oscillator architecture features noise, saw, square, pulse and triangle waveforms.
  • Two different unison engines offer extended possibilities for thickening the timbre of any patch.
  • Users can customize the harmonic content of Oscillator 2 using the voice level EQ and Drive parameters.
  • Lowpass Filter with continuously variable slope with pre and post distortion.
  • Polyphonic Glide/Portamento for polyphonic pitch slides between chords.
  • Envelopes included for Filter, Amp with a third specialist ramp envelope that can be assigned to different modulation destinations.
  • Two LFO’s have Sine, Square, Saw Up, Saw Down, Pump, Sample and Hold and Drift waveforms.
  • Explore a wide range of timbral possibilities with the Oscillator’s Ring Modulation parameter.
  • AIR Chorus, Delay, Reverb, Compressor and Hype EQ.
  • Almost 300 patches provide a wide selection of Synth, Lead, Pluck, Pad, Bass, Organ, FX presets.
  • Oscillator 1 and 2 Env Shape parameter allows users to modulate the shape of each oscillator with the Filter Envelope.


The AIR Bassline emulates the sound of classic mono synths with a contemporary twist. Including four integrated AIR effects as well as two built-in distortion algorithms.

Akai Professional MPC Software 2.3

  • Flexible oscillator with continuously variable waveshape including octave saw, saw, square and sine waveforms.
  • Sub and fifth oscillators for thicker layered timbres.
  • Low-pass and high-pass filters.
  • Over 150 presets.


The AIR Electric emulates the sound of classic electric pianos.

Akai Professional MPC Software 2.3

  • Dedicated Pickup, Envelope, Bell and Noise parameter sections provide a huge amount of flexibility to configure the timbre of the electric piano sound.
  • Five AIR effects Tremolo, Tube distortion, Chorus, Delay and Spring Reverb.
  • Over 80 presets.

Other New Features

  • Autosampler: Capture and convert any plugin preset or external instrument preset into a key group sampler patch. This is great for sampling patches from synths and drum machines.
  • Crossfade Looping: Realtime crossfade looping has now been added to sample playback.
  • Arpeggiator: A real time arpeggiator and phrase player.

MPC 2.3 is available as a new purchase for $199.99 USD for non-MPC product owners or as an upgrade from MPC Software 1 or MPC Essentials for $99.99 USD. This update is free for existing MPC Software 2 owners (2.0 – 2.2).

You can buy currently from our partner VST Buzz the MPC 2.0 Special Edition Bundle for only 99€ and includes several high-quality expansion packs.

More information here: Akai Professional

Available here: MPC Software 2 Special Edition Bundle 

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