Teenage Engineering Oplab Expansion Module Out Now: More I/O Power (CV/Gate/MIDI) For The OP-Z Synthesizer!

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Teenage Engineering has today released Oplab, a first expansion module for the OP-Z Synthesizer. Oplab makes the OP-Z synthesizer more flexible with the help of new inputs and outputs. It features per example three CV outs and one gate out which are freely assignable and that can be used with any modular Synthesizer per example.

Beside this, it’s possible now to sync the OP-Z and the Pocket Operators or to work with MIDI via the din adapters.

Teenage Engineering Oplab

Oplab Module – The Magic Link

Imagine having the power and flexibility of the OP-Z sequencer available to any other music equipment. now you can, with the new oplab module – the magic link between OP-Z and the rest of the world. The oplab module is the first hardware expansion module for OP-Z. once mounted in the back of your OP-Z, you can use it to connect to any equipment using standard cv and gate, such as the pocket operator modular or any other modular system.

It features three cv outs and one gate out, all programmable and playable from OP-Z. Have your wall of modules sequenced from the palm of your hands. Use the PO sync out to unleash the power of your regular pocket operators and have them play in sync with the rest of your setup. even connect standard midi devices, using midi over 3.5 mm jack or the included midi over din adapter cable. oplab features both midi in and out ports as well as trig in and out for other synthesizers and sequencers.

teenage engineering oplabConnectivity

  • Analog modular synth
  • MIDI drum-pad
  • MIDI keyboard
  • MIDI synth
  • Pocket Operator
  • OP-Z

Teenage Engineering Oplab is available now for 159€ from the official TE web-shop.

More information here: Teenage Engineering

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