MeeBlip Introduced Cubit – A USB-Powered MIDI Splitter (1In/4Outs) For Mobile Musicians!

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MeeBlip Cubit is a new affordable USB-powered MIDI splitter (1in/4out) that fits perfectly in your home studio and portable setup!

MeeBlip, known for the Triode Synthesizer or BlipCase carrying system is a music instrument company from Peter Kirn (CDM) and James Grahame of Blipsonic Inc. Today, they have announced the cubit, a new portable and smart USB powered  MIDI splitter that takes 1 input and turns it into 4 outputs with minimum latency and fuss.

Even if it’s just a MIDI splitter, it’s very useful product in my opinion that fits perfectly in every home studio and portable setup.

MeeBlip Cubit


Our new cubit MIDI Splitter is a deceptively simple device that copies all MIDI messages received at the MIDI IN and passes them to each of the four MIDI OUT jacks. Each output is processed through an ultra-low latency active circuit. Cubit lets you share one MIDI OUT with multiple pieces of gear (no more repatching!) and easily distributes MIDI clock to your setup.

All of the jacks are on the top, so you can fit cubit into seriously small spaces. It’s powered from a computer USB port (cable included) or use the optional 5V power adapter for stand-alone use.


  • Passes all data from the MIDI IN to four MIDI OUT jacks.
  • Ultra-low latency hardware MIDI pass-through.
  • Runs on 5V Power from a computer USB port or optional USB power adapter.
  • Opto-isolated MIDI IN to reduce ground loops.
  • Individual active signal processing for each MIDI OUT.
  • Bright green MIDI data indicator LED flashes when you’re receiving MIDI.
  • Measures: 4.25″ x 3″ x 1″, weighs 92 g (3.25 oz).
  • Includes 3 ft (1 m) USB cable.
  • Optional 5V USB power adapter available.
  • Made in Canada.

The device is available now for the introduction price of $39.95 USD, including USB cable. Bundles with a USB power adapter and MIDI cables are also available.

More information here: MeeBlip

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