4Pockets Visual Reverb Is A New AUv3 Plate Reverb For iOS

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4Pockets has today released Visual Reverb, a studio-quality AUv3 plate reverb with a multi-band EQ and the ability to analyze audio in real-time.

Visual Reverb simulates the sound of famous plate reverbs from the past and offers a very smooth and pleasing reverb trail which can be tuned to suite using the built-in provided.

4Pockets Visual Reverb

Another feature of this new plate reverb for iOS is the ability to create ducking reverb trails so that the reverb doesn’t swap your vocals and make an incoherent mess. You also have the ability to sync the pre-delay to the host tempo of your DAW.

Additional Effects Allow More Control Over The Reverb

Visual Reverb includes a typical set of 4 parametric filters which can be used to directly affect the reverb trail in isolation or if required the entire mix. This can be used in addition to the low and high pass filters which affect the reverb trail only.

It also has a built-in compressor/limiter section to ensure those EQ settings never get too aggressive. This is a specialized compressor that allows you to use either the reverb output as a control signal or the input signal. This allows you to emphasize reverb trails and create swells which follow a vocal line.

Preset Management System

With the help of an advanced present management system, it allows you can load and save custom presets as well as copy & paste settings between instances. This is a great function if you need to set up multiple instances with the same settings.

Important: Visual Reverb is only an AUv3 app that must be used with an AU compatible iOS host like Cubasis, Auria Pro, Garageband… It will not function as a standalone app.

Features At A Glance

  • High-quality plate reverb with pre-delay.
  • Automatically sync the pre-delay to your host tempo.
  • Ducking options for suppressing reverb trails.
  • 4 resonant parametric EQ (+/-24dB per band).
  • High and Low pass filters
  • Stereo widening and diffuse filter
  • Reverb comb filter modulation for tape type effects.
  • Touch interface with multi-touch for controlling filter Q.
  • Spectrum Analyser with ‘Wet Only’ and ‘Output’ monitoring.
  • Vertical shift and scale options for the spectrum.
  • Create and save custom presets.
  • Copy / Paste presets between instances.
  • Compressor / Limiter with Auto Makeup Gain and Ducking.
  • Twin VU meters with the ability to view as PEAK or RMS.
  • Quick Reset options for each section of the EQ.
  • Complete with pre-defined presets for the compressor and EQ sections.

4Pockets Visual Reverb is available now for iOS AUv3 for $7.99 USD on the Apple App Store.

More information here: 4Pockets

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