Audiobus 3.1 Released! Massive Update With AUv3 MIDI Out/Effects, Multi-Channel Support & More!

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Audiobus 3.1 brings several user requested features for AUv3 (MIDI out/effects/presets), multi-channel output support, Bluetooth MIDI & more.

Audiobus 3 lives again and has been massively improved with many new features. The new version includes support for AUv3 MIDI out/effects as well as presets. On top, it’s finally possible to use AUv3 apps in full-screen that gives users a better workflow. On the audio side, v.1.3 features also multi-channel output support that allows users to send different audio streams to different output channels.

Beside the major AUv3 updates, it comes also with Bluetooth MIDI support, Inter-App Audio transport synchronization and more. An excellent update in my opinion that shows that the Audiobus 3 development is still active.

What Is AudioBus 3?

Open up new worlds of creative music making possibilities with Audiobus, the app that lets you use your music apps together, just like virtual cables. Send live audio or MIDI from one Audiobus-compatible app or Audio Unit to another: add effects on top of your favourite synth, use your favourite step sequencer to drive the whole lot, and record it all in your favourite DAW, sampler or looper.

Plug in a MIDI keyboard, run it through an arpeggiator or a key quantizer, and record the result in your DAW, or drive several different sound generators with a keyboard splitter. The possibilities are endless. Then save your setup in a preset to be restored with one touch later on. With a completely new MIDI routing system, support for Apple’s new Audio Unit Extensions standard, a new built-in mixer, and huge new workflow improvements, Audiobus 3 represents a big step forward for mobile music making.

Features Of Version 3.1

  • Audio Unit MIDI out and MIDI effects. Now Audio Units can be put in the MIDI Input and Effect positions.
  • Support for full-screen Audio Unit views. Supporting Audio Units now open in full-screen. A new expand/contract view button toggles the keyboard and view mode.
  • Support for Audio Unit factory presets, with a new selector above the keyboard.
  • Multi-channel output support: Send different audio streams to different output channels. And with Multiroute Audio enabled in Settings, send separate audio to the headphones and a plugged-in USB audio interface.
  • Bluetooth MIDI support.
  • Effect reordering via drag-and-drop.
  • Inter-App Audio transport synchronization.
  • UI design overhaul.
  • iOS 9 support.
  • CPU utilisation indicator.
  • Lots and lots of other improvements.

Audiobus 3.1 is available now for $9.99 USD on the Apple App Store. The 3.1 update is free of charge for existing users.

Available here: Audiobus 3.1

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