Deluge Firmware Update 3.0 Brings Live Audio Looping/Sampling, USB Host Mode & More

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Since the official release in 2016, Synthstorm Audible Deluge groovebox has changed a lot. Many new features like multi-sampling, arrange mode… have been added. With the upcoming firmware update 3.0, the developers (Ian & Rohan) extend the Deluge again with new features. Not all new features are known yet but the first ones sound promising.

The new firmware update 3.0 will introduce live looping/sampling capabilities that allow musicians to use the Deluge as looper device. It offers a line in monitoring, tempo snap (deluge’s tempo automatically snaps to the tempo of the recorded audio) as well as a manual start/stop function. Further, the developer implemented USB-MIDI host functionality that makes it possible to connect a MIDI controller in the unit.

Synthstrom Audible Deluge 3.0

Another known new feature of the firmware update 3.0 is the QWERTY keyboard mode. In this mode, the Deluge’s pads double as a QWERTY keyboard, allowing you to type text. This is accompanied by the ability to give your saved songs and presets actual text-based names, and quickly locate files by typing their name or first few characters.

An additional overlay for older Deluges is available for $20 USD + shipping from the store.

The features in the 3.0 software update are still very much in development and Rohan wants to deliver as much as he is able, so we ask for a little bit of patience as he adds more features and refinements. Though these dates are subject to change, at this point we expect 3.0 to be in beta testing at some point in July, with a public release around August/September. 

We’ll have a third feature tease for Superbooth (May 9th).

Firmware 3.0 Update Teaser Video By Cuckoo

Synthstrom Audible Deluge is available now for $899 USD from the official store.

More information here: Synthstrom Audible

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