Ribn Is A New Controller App That Adds Looping Ribbons To Any MIDI Device!

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Ribn, developed by the YouTuber “once upon a synth”  is a new iOS controller app that adds looping ribbons to any hardware and software MIDI device!

The YouTuber Nebojsa Petrovic, better known as “once upon a synth” has introduced over the weekend Ribn, a new MIDI controller app for iOS that offers 8 MIDI ribbon controllers. These can be used in a classic way as MIDI CC controller or in a very cool other way. They gives musicians the option to record and loop them with the finger movements.

Once paired with a MIDI device, you can create very organic modulations with the app. So you can loop certain parameters and dive deep in new sound design possibility with your existing instruments. A very creative and affordable app in my opinion that shows that hardware and software can play excellent together.


Ribn is a MIDI controller with 8 assignable ribbons. What makes Ribn unique is its ability to record and loop your finger movement. This allows you to add organic repeating modulation to your synths and effects, kind of like complex LFOs. You can assign a unique MIDI channel and CC# to each ribbon. As long as your gear responds to MIDI CC messages you will be able to control it with Ribn.


  • 8 MIDI CC ribbon pads
  • Add modulation to your MIDI hardware synths, effects, eurorack modulars, drum machines, etc.
  • Configurable MIDI channel and CC# per ribbon
  • Ribbons record and loop your finger movement
  • Looping can be turned off to enable standard ribbon sliders
  • Choose 2, 4 or 8 ribbons
  • Use a wired MIDI interface, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
  • All settings are saved automatically
  • Works on iPhone (including iPhone X) and iPad

Ribn is available now for iOS (iPhone/iPad) for $0.99 USD in the Apple App Store!

Available here: Ribn

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