Physical Audio Released PA1 Dynamic Plate Reverb 2.0 For Mac

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PA1 is a new reverb plugin for macOS based on physical modelling that recreates the famous sound of old and new plate reverbs in a dynamic way!

Physical modelling meets reverb?  It’s rare but here is it. The new PA1 reverb by Physical Audio is a physical modelling reverb that aims to create the class sound of plat reverbs from the past and today. In v2, there is a better sound engine implemented,  new EQ’s, a better interface and more. Unfortunately, only available for Mac at this point.


PA1 has individual T60 decay times over 8 different frequency bands. This allows you to adjust the decay of specific elements of a track, for example adding extra reverb just to the hi-hats of a drum beat. Combined with the high and low shelving EQ, you have complete control of the frequency content of your sound.

As this is a physical model we can adjust the size, tension and material of the plate itself. The area can be set between 1 and 6m2, and the variable aspect ratio changes the plate from a square to a thin rectangle. There are 5 different materials, including the standard steel plate, gold, and titanium. These controls allow you to create a plate that is specifically tuned to your source material.

New In PA1 Dynamic Plate Reverb V.2.0

  • Rewritten audio engine with free boundary conditions.
  • High and low shelving EQs.
  • Revised control features.
  • I/O level meters.
  • New user interface.

PA1 Dynamic Plate Reverb is now available for MacOS (AU) (10.9 & higher at an introductory price of £55 GBP (30% OFF).

More information here: PA1 Dynamic Plate Reverb

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