SKYLIFE SampleRobot Pro 6.1 Adds Automatic VST Sampling!

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SKYLIFE has today released a beta version of SampleRobot Pro 6.1 that supports VST host functionality. Similar to the Mainstage audio sampler, it’s also here possible to load in plugins and to sample them.

A very interesting tool if you want to use sounds without using the whole CPU usage of the plugin. But beware of copyrights, just sample where it’s allowed and be creative.

SampleRobot Pro 6.1

For the first time in the history of SampleRobot you can directly load your virtual instruments inside SampleRobot and connect them digitally for automatic sampling. A new audio monitoring function is included as well so that plugins are audible during the sampling process. This feature is work in progress.

SKYLIFE decided to offer the current status as a beta feature to the SampleRobot community. At the moment only VST2 instruments can be loaded but host functionality for VST3 and AU formats is planned for an upcoming update.

A gentle note from the SampleRobot developers: Please respect the copyright whatever you sample. It takes a long time to design plugins and preset sounds and it is a highly creative process. Make sure you own the plugins you sample. Don’t rip off someone’s intellectual property. Be creative and design your own sounds for sampling!

Optimized project structure and overview

Version 6.1 includes optimizations that are also available for SampleRobot Multi-X and SampleRobot Korg+Wave. The new context-sensitive color coding makes it a lot easier to navigate through projects, multisamples, and samples. Fast browsing is supported by dedicated shortcuts.

Big screens and 16:9

With screens getting increasingly larger, SKYLIFE has optimized SampleRobot for version 6.1 so that users can run the application very comfortably even on the biggest 4K screens with various aspect ratios such as 4:3, 16:9 and 21:9. When using multiple screens one can simply drag elements from the graphical user interface like e.g. the peak meter to another screen to optimize the overview in the sampling session.

The update also includes some general optimizations.

SampleRobot Pro 6.1 is available now for free for all users of version 6.

More information here: Skylife

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