Mikme Silver A $199 Mobile Microphone With Smart Features Is Now On Indiegogo!

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Mikme Silver is a new clever $199 microphone for every mobile activity: journalists, musicians, video bloggers,… and is now available for pre-order on Indiegogo!

Back in 2015, the Austrian startup company Mikme launched their smart mobile microphone on Indiegogo. The Mikme can be used in three different ways: wireless microphone for smartphones, standalone audio recorder or as external USB microphone. The clever thing is: if you use the microphone in a mobile setup, the recordings will be stored directly on the internal memory. Another cool feature is that you can use Mikme as a mobile microphone for your smartphone camera. The audio is cached on the microphone and later merged with the video automatically in the app.

Silver Vs. Gold Version

But for a lot of people the microphone was a bit to pricey at $399 USD. Now the company has responded to this and offers a second variant. The latest Silver version costs only $199 USD and features 2GB of internal memory (45 hours) instead of 16GB (Gold version), a new 2/3 inch silver electret, a sampling rate up to 48kHz (Gold: 96kHz) and only one filetype (m4a). The price of the Gold version will be also reduced to a new $299 USD price.

First Look Video

I had the opportunity to take a closer look at the first Mikme Gold and it’s currently in the review. I use the microphone on every release including the video about Schneidersladen Berlin. What I can already say: I like the microphone very well, it sounds very good, the battery lasts a long time and meanwhile it has become my first choice in my studio. Check out here my first look video,  a full review is coming soon!

What The Developers Have To Say!

With Mikme, you upgrade the sound in your life. Add studio-grade audio to your mobile videos. Capture lectures, rehearsals or voice recordings in best quality. And hear each word in a conference call. Mikme is a USB microphone, a standalone audio recorder or wireless smartphone microphone. So you choose your favourite setting: record instantly with your computer, digital camera or smartphone. 1 device, 100% flexibility. No matter what, now you have a professional microphone always at hand.

Mikme is the world’s first wireless recording microphone that captures your audio with just the push of a button. Equipped with a large (2/3 inch) electret capsule you’ll get nothing short of professional sound. No matter when inspiration strikes, just tap Mikme and start recording on the built-in audio recorder. Sync the audio from the Mikme directly with your smartphone’s video using our all-new Mikme App. If you’re a lot on video calls or capture sound with your computer, no problem, Mikme also works as USB microphone.

Capture, edit and share content instantly with Mikme. The Mikme App records audio wirelessly from the Mikme Microphone, streams it to your phone and syncs it with your iPhone’s video automatically. Finally get great audio for your smartphone videos. No need to sync manually on your computer. Just hit the record button and start recording videos with great audio from the wireless Mikme Microphone.


Mikeme App Features

  • Remote control all parameters of the Mikme right from the app
    (Start/Stop recordings, change the gain, set sample rates, and file type…)
  • Wirelessly stream audio from your Mikme Microphone to your smartphone with the Mikme Lost & Found protocol (QoS). The Mikme Lost & Found protocol makes sure that you never have any dropouts in your recordings as a failsafe copy of your audio recording is always stored in your Mikme and can be synced after the end of the recording.
  • Wireless stream audio from your Mikme Microphone and record video with your smartphone camera. The Mikme App will sync the audio and video automatically.
  • Update your Mikme via the app over the air (OTA update of Mikme OS)
  • Organize your recordings in the visual gallery, mark recordings as favorites.
  • Trim your audio and video recordings
  • Change the audio volume and panorama for audio tracks
  • Add audio effects (filters, reverb, distortion…)

Upcoming app features:

  • Offline sync of offline recorded files from Mikme
  • Set manual focus and exposure points (lock focus and exposure) for video
  • Customize framerate and resolution of video recording (depends on the smartphone)
  • Add custom watermark and Intro/Outro videos for the branding of content
  • Live streaming of audio/video with Facebook
  • Autogain for automatic setup and change of gain before and while recording

The Mikme iOS App is already available in the Apple App store. The Mikme Android App will be available in late 2018 / early 2019.

Mikme Plus Service

The Mikme product range consists of hardware and software products. The hardware products are the Mime Microphone Silver and Gold plus a range of accessories such as bags, cases and a windscreen. Additionally, the software products are the Mikme OS running on the Mikme Microphone and the Mikme Apps. As Mikme can work in a number of different use cases we want to offer the best possible features set at the most affordable price. Thus, we will offer different feature sets of the Mikme App with different tiers of the Mikme Plus Service.

The Mikme hardware products work standalone as audio recorders or as USB microphones without the need of any additional Mikme app or Mikme Plus service. These are free features.Furthermore, the Mikme hardware products can be remotely controlled and monitored as well as updated with the Mikme app as part of the free tier of the Mikme Plus Service.


The Mikme Plus service will launch Q1 2019. These main features will be introduced with the Mikme Plus service:

  • Custom video frame rate and resolution
  • Manual focus and exposure for video recording
  • Branding of audio-video content with custom watermark and Intro/Outro videos
  • Video live streaming with Mikme App to Facebook

Check out the pledge campaign to get more informations about the Mikme Plus service and fees.

Mikme Silver & Gold are now available for pre-order on Indiegogo, starting for a price of $199 USD.

More information here: Mikme 

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