VCV Rack Released Random Sampler Module Aka Mutable Instruments Marbles

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Mutable Instruments Marble creative random generator Eurorack module is now available for the software modular Synthesizer VCV Rack!

Good news coming from Andrew Belt! After the Plaits oscillator module is already available in software form, there is now also the Marbles module for the VCV Rack modular Synthesizer. It’s called here Random sampler and is based on the same code as the Mutable Instruments Marbles module.

“The module gives the musician many different ways of imposing structure on the random events generated by the module: synchronization to external clocks, control of the repetition or novelty of the generated material, quantization of the voltages, or randomization of gates or voltages generated by traditional sequencers. As usual, this new module is only available for supporters of the VCV Rack in the preview section.”

What Is The Audible Instruments Preview Section? 

When Mutable Instruments releases a new Eurorack module, its source code is kept closed to limit the proliferation of opportunistic “DIY” clones at a time when there is a lot of demand for the module and to avoid exposing dealers to canceled pre-orders. After several months, a second production run is finished and the source code is released.

In a collaboration between VCV and Mutable Instruments, we allow you to test these new modules before their source code is publicly available with the Audible Instruments Preview plugin. We don’t intend to profit from this collaboration. Instead, 80% of sales are donated to the Direct Relief Humanitarian Medical Aid

The new random sampler for VCV Rack is now available for supports in the Audible Instruments Preview section.

More information here: VCV Rack 

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