Inside R&D Is A New Video Series That Gives You An Insight In The Development Of The BEHRINGER UB-Xa Synthesizer

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The Behringer/MIDAS Developers from UK gives today an insight in the development of the upcoming analog Oberheim OB-Xa clone UB-XA Synthesizer!

Recently, Uli Behringer announced that they will release the UB-Xa analog Synthesizer in the future. It’s a clone of the best known Oberheim OB-Xa analog polyphonic Synthesizer.

Inside R&D Gives You An Insight In The Development

Today, the company has released a video where you get a first look at the development. Here, the MIDAS team asks the community for their opinion of what ideas they have. So participate in this community based action, so that you can’t see in the end: why they don’t have installed this feature in it.

More informations here: Gearslutz 


  1. Great work gents.
    Yes you need a slop control for oscillators and future updates on all your remakes ,modern effects.
    Don’t forget ARP 2600 with sequencer and keyboard.
    If you need a tester and sound programmer let me know ?

  2. What you have done on the Deepmind12 from 106’s influence is truly amazing!! For the UBxa i feel you should stay on the same track with cloning but add in your originality and Midas’s personal touch. This will certainly have a better, more fruitful product outcome. Good luck and i am sure i will be adding this to my shopping list as well!

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