Oscillosaurus Introduced SSOMA – A New Multifunction Voltage Processor For Eurorack (TFOM 2017)

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The SSOMA can be described as a swiss army knife module because it a powerful multifunction voltage processor that features many functionalities in one single module!

On this year’s Tokyo Festival Of Modular, Gareth from Oscillosaurus presented SSOMA, a new multifunction voltage processor for the Eurorack format. The new SSOMA module has a clever design and features four processing channels for attenuating, investing and offsetting control voltage signals. Another feature is a 4 step sequencer with individual gate outs for each steps.

On the backside, users can also chain two SSOMA modules together and create a switch or a sequencer with up to 8 steps. A clever and very useful utility module from the Australian developer Oscillosaurus.

Features of SSOMA: Multifunction Voltage Processor

S – Sequence
S – Switch
O – Offset
M – Mix
A – Attenuvert

SSOMA has four processing channels for attenuating, inverting and offsetting control voltages. Channel pairs (1+2, 3+4) are provided as well as a sum of all channels and an inverted sum output.

SSOMA also has a sequential switch circuit which can be utilized as a 4 step sequencer with individual gate outs for each step. Two SSOMAs can be chained to create a switch or sequencer with up to 8 steps.

Oscillosaurus SSOMA will be available end of year of an estimated price of $200 – $250 AUD

More information here: Oscillosaurus 

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