1010music Has Presented Toolbox – A New Powerful Touchscreen Eurorack Sequencer At TFOM 2017!

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1010music has presented at the Tokyo Festival of Modular 2017 the Toolbox, a new powerful Eurorack sequencer module with a touchscreen!

Eurorack and touchscreens is an interesting topic. Many people just do not like others already. If you get involved with today’s technical possibilities, you can already enjoy it. The company 1010music from USA has been developing Eurorack modules that use touchscreen for some time. A wavetable Synthesizer, a powerful & full-featured sampler, and a multi-effects processors, all available in the series 1, have long been part of their product portfolio.

On this year’s Tokyo Festival of Modular, Aaron Higgins from 1010music introduced the first series 2 modules that is based on a new board. The first series 2 module is the toolbox, a powerful touchscreen Eurorack sequences with 4 rhythm sequencers with each up to 32 steps. The device features 4 polyphonic note sequencers with independent controls. For the complete connectivity experience, the modules comes with full support of CV, Gates and MIDI via breakout cable.

Beside the classical sequencers, toolbox includes also 4 function generators. 3 LFO’s with standard waveforms as well as a 1 bar CV sequencer.  In my opinion, an interesting concept for a Eurorack sequencer. I had the chance to check it out on this years TFoM and was impressed how easy the entire interaction with the module is. I’m sure it will depend a lot on the users and looking forward to hear more feedback from the Eurorack community.


Toolbox is a musically intelligent control module capable of driving a rack full of gear. It features both MIDI and Control Voltage connections for interfacing with all kinds of different hardware. Toolbox takes full advantage of the integrated 3.5″ touch screen to give immediate access to sequences, parameters, and events. The screen provides a full overview of all the active notes and events. It even offers touch based scrolling and zooming, just like a smart phone, to make editing easy and fun. Toolbox is a great way to be creative on your terms.


  • 4 Rhythm Sequencers
    • 1-32 steps
    • Step size from 1/64th note to 8 bars
    • Available internally and through dedicated gate outputs
    • Can trigger the Note sequencers
  •  4 Polyphonic Note Sequencers, each with the following independent controls
    • 1-32 steps
    • Step size from 1/64th note to 8 bars
    • Note duration for all events
    • MIDI channel
    • MIDI Port
    • Clock source (internal, external, & rhythm sequencers)
    • Transposition in semitones with option to quantize to scale
  • Piano Roll editing with fast, touch screen interface
  • Sequencer Output via dedicated CV+Gate output and MIDI
  • Clock source selectable via internal, external, & rhythm sequencers
  • 4 Function Generators
    • 3 LFOs with standard waveforms
    • 1 Bar CV sequencer
    • Free running or synchronized to the master beat clock
  • MIDI
    • Input serves as source for recording sequences live or via step entry
    • Outputs transmit gate and control signals to other devices
  • CV inputs
    • Serve as clock sources for gate and note sequencers
    • Can be used as modulators for sequence step count, step length, transposition, etc.

The 1010music Toolbox is now available for a price of $599 USD.

More information here: 1010music Toolbox 

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