Error Instruments Sputnik Radio, New Experimental Oscillator & Drum Voice For Eurorack

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Error Instruments releases with Sputnik Radio, a new experimental oscillator & drum voice module for Euroack that generates crazy, bizarre lo-fi timbres.

Error Instruments is back with a new Eurorack module. Sputnik Radio is an 11HP experimental drum voice or oscillator module that is inspired by radio waves. It features a small patch bay for tiny cables, sensors, and LEDs. It comes with two sensors and four different LEDs for versatile rhythms and PM modulation. Also possible is deep frequency modulation.

According to the developer, it can sound deep with a lot of texture especially nice for low deep bass timbres together with high ASMR-style microtone crackling. A bit like sonic character of radio of the early days.

Error Instruments Sputnik Radio

The module also goes well with the Tropical Noise v3 module from Error Instruments, another experimental oscillator with a lot of CV modulation functions. The module features two outputs, one for oscillator and another for the drum signal as well as two CV inputs.

The output level is a little bit lower than usual because of the sub-base frequency. It also includes a preamp model if you want to boost the signal. So it can boost nicely the bass or also distorted it. Especially nice for drums but not for everything that’s why the developers choose for a lower output. A module for fans of Lo-Fi, noisy experimental sound, definitely not a normal oscillator

Error Instruments Sputnik Radio is available now with a black or white faceplate for 259€.

More information here: Error Instruments

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