I Dream Of Wires – Documentary About Modular Synthesizers Is Now Available To Stream For Free!

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Stream now for free the excellent documentary I Dream Of Wires that shows in detail the history and musical & sound advantages of modular Synthesizers!

Excellent news coming from the producers of I Dream Of Wires. The amazing documentary is now available to stream for free from Boiler Room TV. After making a free account, you can dive deep in the topic of modular Synthesizer.

I Dream Of Wires is in my opinion a worth seeing documentary for anyone interested in Synthesizers. It shows you where it all started and how to work with these instruments! Especially, it shows the advantage of modular synthesis.

Big News

I Dream of Wires” – our definitive documentary on the history, demise and resurgence of the MODULAR SYNTHESIZER, is now available to stream for FREE, via Boiler Room TV. Featuring interviews with a who’s who of electronic music producers and modular manufacturers including Nine Inch Nails, Vince Clarke, Gary Numan Official, Morton Subotnick, Carl Craig, Legowelt Music, Doepfer Musikelektronik, Make Noise, Intellijel Designs Inc., and MANY more….

More information here: Boiler Room TV 


    • The Moog documentary wasn’t even filmed on Kickstarter. The campaign was there to raise money to finance and start production. So it takes time.

  1. Where exactly is the link for this free stream? I seem to be getting tripped up at every attempt.

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