Klevgrand SyndtSphere Synthesizer iOS /VST/AU Review – A Sound Discovery Journey For Everyone

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In 2017, music apps are no longer indispensable to the music production world. There are hundreds: Synthesizer, drum machines, effects, MIDI apps (sequencer, controller,…), complete DAW’s and more. With Apple’s iPhone and iPad cosmos, people can make music everywhere without being in a studio. With the release of so many music apps in the past time, it will be more and more difficult for developers to create new concepts as there is already a lot on the app landscape.

In recent months, Johan from the Swedish company Klevgrand has released a new Synthesizer app/plugin that is very simple but also completely different than usual synth products. In SyndthSphere, the complete synth engine that is based on the full featured Syndt Synthesizer is hidden inside a touchable sphere. By touching the sphere, musicians can morph here through different pre-designed presets and create very easily new sounds.

An Interface For Everyone 

SyndtSphere features a super simple and straightforward interface design that is understood by everyone in seconds. A percentage (%) amount gives you per example an intuitive overview of the construction of the created sound. Every created sound (coordinates) can be also saved in a simple preset browser.  The interface is here very clever designed. It’s perfect for any music or synthesis knowledge level. Whatever child, experienced musician or grandfather /grandmother, the interface is implemented so easily that everyone understands it. This gives people the opportunity to design new sounds without going into depth.

Hey, I can design my own sounds! 

As mentioned at the beginning, the sounds are based on the Syndt Synthesizer engine without showing them in the app/plugin. One big positive point for SyndtSphere is that it does not require synthesis knowledge. New sounds are created simply by morphing through 70 different pre-designed sounds (states). The included sounds give musicians enough fun sound possibilities. Additional ping-pong delay with feedback, time and mix control, legato and glide mode gives you even more sound options.

In a Synthesizer review, even if there are no true synth parameters but only a sphere, it’s important to report about the sound. The sound quality is at the same level as the big brother. Same as Syndt, the sound character of SyndtSphere is very unique and doesn’t sound like a traditional virtual analog Synthesizer. Whether you like SyndtSphere sound wise depends whether you like Syndt. If you love the big brother, you will love also this app. For me personal, I like quite a lot this different sonic palette of both synths but I know also some users who doesn’t love it. To get a better sound impression, check out below my sound demo of the Syndt Synthesizer.


SyndtSphere is available as a free PC/Mac plugin, but also as a paid iOS application. The plugin version comes with VST/AU support, making it easy to integrate with DAW’s like Ableton Live, Studio One, Cubase…

The iOS version unfortunately doesn’t support the AudioBus or Inter-App-Audio SDK. Nonetheless, the app comes with a AUv3 version that allows you use it also in all major iOS DAW’s in multiple instances.


In summary, SyndtSphere is a music app /plugin that is not just for synth heads but for everyone. The concept is unique and opens the door to new sounds for everyone very easily. Every iPad /PC/Mac user can use the app also without knowledge of synthesis. By touching the sphere and with the clever morphing feature, everyone can achieve new sounds in seconds.

If one is already an experienced musician, the sound design is certainly limited because the possibilities are limited to the available pre-designed presets. The sound is quite special so it will not make happy everyone. An additional export feature (pro version) from Syndt to SyndtSphere would be great. That would certainly make the whole app more interesting for experienced musicians.

In summary, SyndtSphere is a nice but different Synthesizer app /plugin that appeals to every user, not just musicians. 

More information here: SynthSphere PC/Mac 

Available here: SyndtSphere for iOS 


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