SuperBooth 2016: U-HE RePro, Research Group and Zebra 3

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At SuperBooth 2016, I visited also the great booth of U-HE where Urs show me their new research-ware RePro. This new Synthesizer plugin is now available for free for testing and it’s designed to giving feedback about the filters. There are 5 different filters included and the musicians must say what filter or filters are the best. 

The official informations are: 

It is an excessively CPU hungry anti-optimized monophonic Synthesizer, in essence a stripped down version of the Sequential Circuits Pro-One we’re currently modelling.

The research part is, we have implemented the same pretty extreme model of the CEM3320 Curtis filter chip in our vintage Pro-One using 5 different numerical methods, each costing a very different amount of CPU. We wish for you to spot the “most analogue” sounding method. By that we wish to see if it is worth spending a lot of CPU or if we could get away with something cheaper. Furthermore we wish to discuss the following questions:

  • what differences do you spot between the models?
  • when do these differences become audible, i.e. which settings promote these differences?

You can download the alpha version of RePro here:
Here is my video interview with Urs Heckmann about the RePro, the Research Group and Zebra 3

Audio Demos can be found in another video below the interview video 

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