SuperBooth 2016: Nonlinear Labs C15 Synthesizer

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On SuperBooth 2016, I visited the booth of Nonlinear Labs, a company from Berlin. Behind this company, you found the main developer of Native Instruments Reaktor 1. C15 Synthesizer is the first product of Nonlinear Labs. 

C15 Synthesizer is a unique Synthesizer concept because this machine doesn’t have any Midi Support, no CV, no LFO… It’s specially designed for keyboard players. Here are some specifications about the synth engine: 

“Phase 22” is the name of the C15’s first synthesis engine. This text describes an earlier version of Phase 22, that was the basis for the development of Native Instruments’ Kontour in 2014. Meanwhile, with the learnings from the Kontour project we have improved Phase 22 in many aspects. A documentation of the current version will be available here soon.
Parts of the design of Phase 22 evolved from Spark and Cha-Osc and also benefit from the experiences designing Prism and Skanner, which are all Reaktor instruments developed at NI. As with Spark and Cha-Osc, the synthesizer uses very basic waveforms — in this case only two sine wave oscillators. But the concept behind Phase 22 is at the same time more radical and more consistent compared to its predecessors. The result is a very symmetrical structure with a core which is reminiscent of a two-operator FM synthesizer.

Actually, the synth engine is based on Reaktor but in future, they want to release an own synthesis technology. Here is my video from SuperBooth 2016. You will get a presentation and some audio demos. Personally, the sounding of this Synthesizer are very beautiful and unique in the market. 

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