SuperBooth 2016: L.E.P Analogue Drone Machines

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I was on SuperBooth at the booth of L.E.P. They demonstrated me their new analogue drone machines. Little powerful Synthesizers boxes fully analogue with a big sound. 

The machines are available as DIY kits and also full build. It was the first time that I see this company and I was surprised about their sound possibilities. This company is known from his first big product LEPLOOP, an analogue Synthesizer, Sequencer and drum machine in one machine

The products which they demonstrated me are: 

L.E.P – Lumanoise V2   – Small  drone generator with 2 classic oscillators, two sub-harmonic oscillators, a 12dB lowpass filter and a photo resistor control.

L.E.P – Lumanoise 808 Cymbal Drone Generator – Based on the TR-808’s cymbal circuit consisting of six oscillators tuned to different frequencies. 

A video presentation from SuperBooth you can find here:

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