Cre8audio East Beast 1.5, semi-modular analog synth gets new features and improvements

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Superbooth 22: Cre8audio East Beast, a new semi-modular analog Synthesizer with a spiced-up East-Coast engine in collaboration with Pittsburgh Modular.

Good news for East Beast Synthesizer users. Cre8audio has just dropped the firmware update 1.5 for the East Beast semi-modular Synthesizer. Thanks to a reader who informed me about it.

The new firmware adds new features, improves the unit, and fixes bugs.

Cre8audio East Beast 1.5

Cre8audio East Beast 1.5

The new East Beast firmware 1.5 is a free update. First, the built-in arpeggiator now benefits from a fourth octave, making it more flexible. Then, the developers have rewritten the LED behavior for all settings. This results in a more intuitive UI that communicates (visual feedback) a bit better with the user.

Cre8audio has also redone the MIDI CC/multi-function tool behavior to fully use all eight scaling for each mod mode. They also added MIDI CC control to the mod tool level. Let’s take a deeper look at the changes in these sections.

The 0-5v mode in the new East Beast 1.5 firmware adds voltage quantization to the mod tool value, which quantizes the incoming MIDI CC to a quantized level set with the multi-control setting. Seven different quantized options are available. 

Besides this, they also fixed the phase relationship of the LFO in the LFO mode. To make it more responsive at low frequencies, they made the LFO update after changing the rate rather than after finishing a full cycle. They also reconfigured the clock rates and gate MIDI CC control on the LFO amp.

The same update applies to the envelope and random mode. They rescaled the lengths for all eight values in the envelope and gave MIDI CC control of the envelope amp. For the random, they reconfigured the random generation timings for all the values and gave MIDI CC to the randomness amp.

This is a nice free update for the East Beast. We already saw a lot of this in the Taiga 2.0 update. I’m glad this has now been included in the East Beast. I hope the West Pest gets this update soon, too.


Article From May 10, 2022

In mid-April, Cre8audio, makers of the NiftyCase, expanded their portfolio with the NiftyKEYZ, a modular keyboard with 4 voice polyphony and cool extras. After that came the Function Junction, a clever multi-functional module where the review is in the works.

Two new products in one month. That doesn’t stop the company from introducing something new exclusively for Superbooth 22. In Berlin, they will premiere the East Beast, a new affordable semi-modular Synthesizer.

Cre8audio East Beast

Cre8audio East Beast

For the development of the East Beast, Cre8audio has once again teamed up with Richard Nicol and Michael Johnsen of Pittsburgh Modular.

East Beast is an East-Coast-style semi-modular Synthesizer that has a fixed signal flow. But if you patch it, you can break it in a matter of seconds and wild new sound possibilities open up. The structure consists of 9 individual patchable modules: an oscillator, filter, envelope, VCA, LFO, multi-mod tool, sequencer, MIDI to CV converter, and a button keyboard.

The core is based on Pittsburgh’s oscillator that entered the 5th generation made from 100% modern components. It offers sine, triangle, sawtooth, square, and pitch noises as waveforms that can be combined. Plus PWM and linear FM via dedicated hardware controls. The developers promise a very rich-sounding oscillator with unique timbre and very stable tuning.

Then, it hosts an original PGH multimode filter, which the developers say has a creamy smooth character with no dead spot. It gives you lowpass, high-pass, band-pass, or a combination of the three for an even wider sonic palette. There are no built-in effects, and thus the pure audio signal path ends at the main VCA output.

Cre8audio East Beast

Analog Meets Digital Modulation

On the modulation side, it has a newly-developed analog envelope generator designed for fast, percussive attacks. Also analog is the dual-range LFO with a triangle wave output with audio-rate modulation capabilities. A little weak with a single waveform, here I would have liked another waveform or two.

Besides the analog modulation system, Cre8audio also incorporated a digital multi-mod tool with a dedicated CV output. It can either be a random number generator, an additional LFO, or an envelope generator. I like the mix of analog and digital here.

Right out of the box, East Beast has a fixed signal flow also for the modulations. However, by patching the 18 Eurorack compatible patch points, you unchain them and can use them differently. For this, it includes independent mod outputs (env, LFO…)

MIDI, CV/Gate & Sequencer

Cre8audio East Beast works like a classic synth without a patch cable via MIDI or with the integrated keyboard. Cre8audio has taken care of all those who want to plug it into their modular synth. Remove it from the case and it becomes a 40HP Eurorack fully-featured voice module with CV/gate inputs.

Further, it includes a clock-synced arpeggiator and a 32-step sequencer. It is powered by an internal clock controllable i.e. clockable via tap tempo, manually, or via an external source.

First Impression & Availability

The new Cre8audio East Beast semi-modular mono synth looks very wild. The engine, however, is not that super wild as the interface suggests. It’s classic subtractive but spiced up with some unique bits.

So only by exploring and patching it, you can unchain the beast from the East Coast side and discover wild, unusual timbres. An exciting package for the asking price. I’m looking forward to hearing more demos.

Cre8audio East Beast will be available in June 2022 for 249€/$249,99 USD street price. MSRP 349,99€. It includes the synth, power supply, 5x Nacza Noodles patch cables, and two 3.5mm to 5-pin MIDI Din adapters.

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  1. It’s a good idea for Cre8audio to offer a complete eurorack voice considering they have 2 low cost (small) cases. The price is pretty damn good for essentially a mini-SV-1 synth. Which I loved! Pittsburgh’s VCOs and VCFs have such a beautiful and clean analog sound. Add a Big-O and Function Junction and now you have a quality PM synth for a good price.

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