Qu-Bit Intros Surface, A Physical Modeling Voice For Eurorack That Sounds Lovely

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QU-Bit Electronix has released Surface, a versatile 10HP physical modeling voice for Eurorack, which was already presented at NAMM 2020.

Back at NAMM 2020, Qu-Bit Electronix announced four interesting digital Eurorack modules: Surface, Aurora, Data Bender, Aurora & Cascade. Surface, initially planned as a March release, has now been released due to the current special situation. It is a versatile, cute l0oking multi-timbral physical modeling voice for Eurorack. On the back of the module, you can see that it is based on the Electro Smith Daisy environment, which is again driven by an ARM Cortex-M7 MCU.

Surface is capable of emulating the sonic characteristics of acoustic instruments but also into experimental territories: ” morphing into otherworldly synthetic textures”. The algorithm here uses physical models of plucked strings, prepared piano, and an assortment of melodic percussion, with up to 8 voices of polyphony. Thanks to its stereo outputs and configurable spatialization modes, it is easily possible to give the sound space.

QU-Bit Surface

According to QU-Bit Electronix, Surface provides a unique take on physical modeling which blurs the line between emulation and synthesis to create entirely new worlds of sound.

All of this sounds very tempting, especially since physical modeling modules are rather rare in the Eurorack area. The size of 10HP is also ideal: you bring completely new sounds into your modular system without wasting a lot of space. Sonically, it can also be very convincing.  It is a nice alternative to the Mutable Instruments Rings and Elements which are true classics in this area.

Tech Specs

  • width: 10HP
  • depth: 28mm
  • power: +12V: 60mA, -12V: 60mA, +5V: 0mA

And if you haven’t had enough of Qu-Bit Electronix, here is a video interface with Andrew Ikenberry, the CEO and main developer.

Qu-Bit Electronix Surface is available now for $299 USD.

More information here: Qu-Bit

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