Superbooth 22: Erica Synths SYNTRX II, a dark analog SYNTRX evolution

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Superbooth 22: SYNTRX II is the dark analog evolution of Erica Synth’s AKS Synthi-inspired SYNTRX with a completely redesigned hybrid engine, new sequencer & more.

Last year, the Latvian developers of Erica Synths surprised us with the PĒRKONS HD-01, analog drum Synthesizer with a massive, beefy sound. Good news: you can pre-order it now and it will be shipped in July 2022. But this is just a drop in the bucket as to what Erica Synths has to show on Superbooth 22.

At SB 22, they will premiere the evolution of the Synthi-AKS-inspired SYNTRX Synthesizer. SYNTRX II is a new development with major new features, new black clothes, and a more affordable price tag.

Erica Synths SYNTRX II


Back in September 2019, Erica Synths announced the SYNTRX, a re-imagination of the legendary AKS Synthi approved by the official developer and synth pioneer Peter Zinovieff. In December 2021, then, after a limited run of 1056 units, they discontinued it.

This summer, it will come back in form of the SYNTRX II, a new version that fits even deeper into contemporary electronic and experimental setups. According to Erica Synths, this represents the best they have yet designed in their analog circuit design history. The analog summit.

Erica Synths SYNTRX II

SYNTRX II features two perfectly stable oscillators each with controls over the tuning, octave, shape, and level. The first offers mixable square (pulse) and sine waveforms while the second offers mixable square and saw. The waveforms can also be controlled with CV. Both oscillators incorporate switchable sync and different waveshaping options including PWM.

The third oscillator works as a modulation oscillator (LFO) with continuously shapable waveforms, tuning, and wave mixing (sine, triangle). It can run freely or in sync with the key follower. The three oscillators are joined by a multi-color noise generator adjustable with a tone and level control.

Then, it includes highpass and lowpass filters in series with resonance. An advanced ring modulator with a multitude of sources (osc 2, osc3, in1, in2…) gives you another shaping level. In the final stage, you get an FX section with delay and reverb powered by Erica Synths’ new DSP platform. Oh, that promises a lot of new products in the future.

Erica Synths SYNTRX II

Analog AKS Synthi Style Modulation Meets Digital Control

The original AKS Synthi as well as the SYNTRX live from the wild, unique modulation engine. This also finds a home here again. It comes with a looping trapezoid envelope generator and VCA as well as a free-running or gate synced sample & hold circuit. Sounds like little, but in reality, they are super rich and complex. And don’t forget you also have a modulation oscillator. Plus you get two output VCAs.

In the SYNTRX II, too, the innovative digital modulation matrix with 3 levels of attenuation is the control hub for the analog engine. Source and targets can be assigned with a push of a button and saved in up to 254 presets. So you can recall modulation at any time, brilliant. There is also a joystick with a recording function allowing the creation of very evolving modulation signals. From subtle to crazy movements, the joystick is definitely an inspiring feature for experimental music.

Further, it comes with an all-new piano roll sequencer. Another novelty in the second version. Hope you can also use it as a mod source, that would be super fun.

Erica Synths Syntrx II

Connectivity & External Signal Processing

On the backside, you find two assignable outputs, a headphone socket, DIN5 MIDI Input (CV and Gate), MIDI thru, two CV ins, gate in, as well as two DC-coupled instrument inputs.

They offer signal inversion as well as an envelope follower which can be used as a sound source in the synth. For example as a source for the ring modulator. Not to forget, you get a signal meter with dedicated audio/CV output giving you instant feedback on your signals.

First Impression

The question of whether it’s possible to make the SYNTRX even more epic and more impressive can be answered with a simple yes. The new features fit nicely into the AKS Synthi concept and the new one stands out from the original. It makes it more original than the first ever was. Great work Girts and co. Looking forward to hearing at Superbooth 22.

Erica Synths SYNTRX II will be available in Summer 2022 for an RSP of 1800€ + VAT or MAP $2179 USD.

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  1. That new design is wicked! Syntrx 2 and Perkons are some of the most beautiful instruments I’ve seen in a while. Also, “piano roll sequencer’? Is that a software thing? Can’t see any reference to a sequencer on the front.

    • Maybe the matrix is a sequencer laid out in those little dots liek the deluge’s pads. That would be insane and an instant buy for me. Been sticking with gear that comes with some sort of sequencing options to avoid extra gear. Either way, i have a deluge so ill be fine but this thing would be great with a sequencer and also possible sequencing as a modulation source.

      • Oh yeah, you’re probably right. There are 16 letters and numbers on the matrix. Makes sense now.

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