Steinberg X-Stream, free spectral Synthesizer plugin for macOS and Windows

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Steinberg X-Stream is a new free spectral Synthesizer plugin for macOS and Windows that turns your samples into evolving drones and textures.

This morning Steinberg updated its popular Synthesizer workstation HALion to version 7.1. Among other things, the built-in spectral synthesis engine got a major makeover. This brings new features and refinements to the table, making it more flexible and powerful. 

To celebrate this new release, they also published X-Stream, a free spectral Synthesizer based on this refined engine.

Steinberg X-Stream

Steinberg X-Stream

X-Stream is a monophonic and designed for sound design and ambient music The synth features various sections where you can craft your sounds from scratch: spectral, pitch, filters (classic & spectral), amp, modulation, mod matrix, EQ, delay, and reverb.

It is important to note that the instrument is not a standalone plugin. It requires HALion 7.1 or the free HALion Sonic 7.1.

Spectral Engine

Everything starts in the spectral oscillator of Steinberg X-Stream, where you can add samples via drag-and-drop. This part extracts the spectral content from the samples and transforms them into something new.

You can tweak this section in various ways, including changing the direction, syncing the tempo, using the blur effect, and more. The blur effect, which flips your samples into smooth, evolving drones and textures, is especially fascinating.

Also, you can stack up to five pitch-shifted copies of the spectrum at the playback position, allowing you to create chords.

Then, you can change the pitch, work with a spectral and classic filter, and adjust the amp. Plus, you can refine your sounds with a built-in EQ, delay, and reverb. 

Further, Steinberg X-Stream also includes an impressive modulation motor, offering drawable envelopes, two traditional multiwave LFOs, a two-dimensional LFO (X/Y), and a step modulator. 

All this is controlled via an easy-to-use modulation matrix.

First Impression

At first glance, Steinberg X-Stream is an exciting free spectral Synthesizer that offers a lot. Creating sounds from samples gives you almost endless possibilities for the oscillator section.

Two downsides are its monophony and the need for the free HALion Sonic to run. Nevertheless, it is an exciting free synth from Steinberg.

Steinberg X-Stream is now available for free download. It requires HALion 7 or the free HALion Sonic that runs as a VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS (native Apple Silicon + Intel) and Windows. Steinberg HALion 7 is now on sale with a 50% OFF discount.

More information here: Steinberg 

HALion 7 is available at my partner.

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