Sonic Seed Seofon, experimental noise Synthesizer with touching and patching fun

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Sonic Seed Seofon is a new semi-modular experimental Synthesizer that, by touching and patching, takes you into wild, birdy noisescapes. 

I write about hardware or software Synthesizers almost every day. However, I particularly enjoy crowning the best experimental synths every year. There are several reasons why they fascinate me. One is because they usually offer new concepts in terms of synthesis or how you interact with them.

A new entry for the 2025 list could come from SonicSeed, a platform dedicated to promoting Chinese synths internationally. It’s called Seofon and is a wild noise-making machine.

Sonic Seed Seofon

Sonic Seed Seofon

Seofon is a new Synthesizer that perfectly fits into the experimental synth category, with its spacy alien-style design and somewhat bizarre noise synth engine. It comes from the Mad Child Empire label and is designed by Chinese designer Xamynot.

It does not use ordinary synthesis to generate sounds. At its core is a patchable organic noise-generating circuit consisting of seven groups of nodes in the center, which outputs noise directly.

They can be seen as self-wired self-oscillation generators. You can also generate rhythms by feeding signals to the nodes to interfere with them. 

Sonic Seed Seofon has three sets of pulse oscillators to adjust the pulse width of each set. Additionally, you can find positive and negative phase outputs on the Seofon. There is also a filter where you can route signals extracted from the nodes, resulting in different noisy sound events.

According to Sonic Seed, the interference and extraction of noise signals from the seven sets of nodes are the most important elements of the synth. It is where the sounds are created and come from. 

Sonic Seed Seofon

Standard & Lit Versions

Sonic Seed Seofon will be available in two versions. The standard version will have metal contacts, two left and right mono channels, and one stereo output. The lit version will ship without metal contacts and offer only stereo outputs. 

Even though the Lit version is a bit cheaper, you cannot intervene in the engine and play it virtuosically. By touching different metal contacts in combination, you link various influences in the circuit and generate wild sounds. The developer describes it as a butterfly effect.
In the middle, both versions also have a patch matrix that can be explored with banana patch cables. 

Sonic Seed Seofon

Further, it has 11 knobs to adjust parameters, for example, the built-in filter.  The synth is made of wood and has a painted artwork on the back by the artist Yu Zhi.

First Impression

Seofon is a thoroughly experimental Synthesizer. It won’t be a best-seller, but it will definitely appeal to musicians who love noise music. The concept that is presented here is wild and unusual. It’s all about experimenting and trying out. 

If you like bird chirpings on steroids, noise from outer space, or intense noisescapes, Seofon could be something for your synth arsenal. 

Sonic Seed Seofon is available now for pre-order: standard for 492,95€ and Seofon Lite for 348,95€.

More information here: Sonic Seed 

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    • I wrote it’s from London because the company is in London (80Lewisham Way, London SE14 6PB, United Kingdom) and the developer is from Japan. Sure circuit boards coming from China

      • I mean the developer is from China, and all the text on the panels is in Chinese characters, there’s even a Chinese painting on the back of the base.

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