Game Cat Synth, experimental 8-bit Synthesizer with joysticks from Error Instruments

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Game Cat Synth is Error Instruments’ latest experimental Synthesizer with two joysticks that guide you through crazy, randomized 8-bit soundscapes. 

There are manufacturers who always put a smile on my face but also amaze me. Paul Tas from Error Instruments even manages both with his products. Plus a what the … moment on top. If you want to know more about his ideas and design philosophies better, I recommend my interview with Paul from Superbooth 21. I have linked it below.

Paul is back with something new. This time he combines a cat with a retro gaming sound. Watch out, it can growl and get loud.

Error Instruments Game Cat Synth

Error Instruments Game Cat Synth

Game Cat Synth is a new 8-bit random Synthesizer inspired by vintage gaming consoles and a black cat. And you can see that in the design. The synth looks like a handheld from one of the Japanese manufacturers in a special cat edition. And the sound is also vintage. Here you can immerse yourself in the 8-bit retro gaming world again. The sound is heavily inspired by chiptune and game sounds from the Arcade, NES, SID, and more.

The exact details of the details remain a secret. This is often the case with Error Instrument’s products. But he promises that it’s a sweets spots Synthesizer. Game Cat Synth has two joystick controllers (left/right) with which you can control the sounds. By moving them, a random engine is activated that generate sounds for you. Further, you can also use the joysticks as a control voltage source. For example for your oscillator or filter. Plus, you get two knobs that controls the pitch of the sound generators.

The synth has an audio output in the upper area as well as a USB port that supplies the device with power.

In case you want to know more about Paul Tas from Error Instruments, I have linked my interview from Superbooth 21 below.

It never gets boring with Paul Tas and his company Error Instruments. The GC Synth looks funny and unique. Maybe too simple for many users. I find it exciting to see an experimental synth with such a radical “thinking free” design language. No menus, just two joysticks, two knobs, and the crazy 8-bit noise trip can start.

Error Instruments Game Cat Synth is available now for 120€ + shipping

More information here: Error Instruments

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