Sonicware LIVEN Ambient Ø, new portable Synthesizer for soundscapes

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Sonicware LIVEN Ambient Ø is a new portable digital Synthesizer with four layers powered by Blendwave Modulation Synthesis for soundscapes. 

The Sonicware LIVEN series are compact synthesizers that look like blown-up Korg Volcas. In reality, they are versatile digital synths, each with its own unique concept. Last January, they published the Mega Synthesis, a LIVEN that reviews the sounds of the Sega Genesis.

Please welcome the number 8. Another new LIVEN with a fresh concept. This time, we go deep into spheric soundscapes.

Sonicware LIVEN Ambient O

Sonicware LIVEN Ambient Ø

The new LIVEN Ambient Ø or LIVEN Ambient Zero is a new portable Synthesizer that focuses on soundscapes. It comprises four mixable layers: drone, pads, atmos, and noise, each with a sound generator, an AR envelope, a filter, and two LFOs.

The first three (drone, pads, atmos) use the newly created “Blendwave Modulation Synthesis” which is based on wavetable synthesis with six different structures. These, in turn, remind of algorithms in FM synthesis and offers various oscillator and modulator structures. 

For example, ATMOS 1 applies ring modulation, while ATMOS 2 applies FM modulation. Each structure accesses 32 waves, each with 128 different overtone structures. You can create very simple but also complex timbres, according to Sonicware.

Depending on the chosen setting, they can handle up to 10 voices of polyphony. The Blendwave Modulation synthesis is also tweakable in the Sonicware LIVEN Ambient Ø. This can be done with the available rotary knobs on the user interface (wave, harmonic…).

Then, you have the noise layer that goes in another direction. It uses sample-based content. You can either use the internal natural-flavored sounds or sample into the device for up to 8 seconds (16bit – 32kHz Linear PCM sampling).

Sonicware LIVEN Ambeint 0

FX & Sequencer

The Sonicware LIVEN Ambient Ø also offers a multi-fx processor with nine different reverbs with individual adjustments of the reverb and shimmer sends for each layer. Plus, you get a tape delay, reverse delay, and four master effects: overdrive, bit-crusher, tilt EQ, and stereo chorus.

That’s not all. Each layer also features an independent sequencer with up to 64 steps per pattern, variable step length, pattern chaining, probability, and parameter & sound lock functionality. So, you can record parameters and sound settings for each step.

There is also an arpeggiator per layer onboard with various modes: Up, Down, UpDown, DownUp, Up&Down, Down&Up, Up+1, Up+2…


Like the other Sonicware LIVEN synths, the I/O is on the interface. It offers 3.5mm stereo line inputs and outputs, a headphone socket, sync in/out, full DIN MIDI in/out, and a power supply input. Alternatively, you can power it with 6 AA batteries.


Sonicware LIVEN Ambient Ø First Impression

At first glance, another intriguing LIVEN Synthesizer. I’m pleased that the Sonicware team is always trying to offer users new concepts of sound generation. Looks like a fun device for ambient musicians.

Sonicware LIVEN Ambient Ø is available now for pre-order for $239/ 279€. Shipping starts at the end of July 2024.

More information here: Sonicware

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  1. Nicely done! I’m not currently looking at their gear but their stuff does give me GAS.

    8 second sample time, is that the entire sample time? Or each sample can be up to 8 seconds? Either way, neat device. Keep it going Sonicware. \m/

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