Soundtoys Superplate reverb plugin now uses significantly less CPU

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NAMM 2023: Soundtoys Superplate is a supercharged Little Plate plate reverb with four additional algorithms and more shaping options.

Good news from SoundToys. They have just released SoundToys 5.4.3, including a major performance update for Superlate. Using optimizations tailored to your CPU, it now uses around 40% less CPU.

The new version is a free update. In case you haven’t seen it, I linked my Superplate demo with hardware synths below. 


Update From May 16, 2023

Soundtoys Superplate is available now for an introductory price of $79 instead of $149 (Plugin Boutique). Upgrades from the Soundtoys bundle is $29; and every purchase includes Little Plate reverb for free.


Article From April 14th, 2023

NAMM is also the event for new plugin releases and updates. This year there is something new from Soundtoys. Yes, the company that hasn’t released a new plugin for a very long time.

With Superplate, Soundtoys shows a new plate reverb plugin for macOS and Windows.

Soundtoys Superplate available

Soundtoys Superplate

Superplate is a new plate reverb plugin and is described as the big brother of the Little Plate plugin. It features five different algorithms: classic 140, goldfol 240, audicon, echo plate III, and stocktronics rx 4000. The plugin has various parameters allowing you to tweak the reverbs in detail. The plugin also gives three different flavors of analog coloration – Tube, Solid-State, and Clean.

It features various pre-delay options, a modulator, and lowpass & highpass filter for shaping the timbre of your plate reverbs. It also hosts the “signature” infinity deacy time functionality giving you endless timbres.

Superplate also hosts a tweak menu that opens a new drawable EQ with built-in filters and two bell curves.  There is also a new unique auto decay feature that acts like a compressor. Instead of turning down the audio, it actually turns down the decay time. This helps you to take care of the transients of your tracks or to avoid that your get smearing effects in your production.

Then, it also offers a recovery time and stereo modulation for the entire reverb. This gives you the freedom to work in mono, or in stereo.

Soundtoys Superplate

Ken Bogdanowicz, CEO of Soundtoys says:

We love the sound of real plate reverb and wanted to bring the distinctive sound of our vintage plate collection into the world of modern audio. It’s been an incredible challenge working with these massive electromechanical wonders – shipping, repairing, and tuning nine of them at our labs as well as others in private studios. After analyzing and living with these devices for several years our team captured the true essence and variety of tones from the five different plate reverbs that we modeled for SuperPlate.

We always try to take our effects beyond ‘simple emulations’ and with SuperPlate I feel like we found the perfect balance – switchable modeled preamp styles, built-in parametric EQ, and extended and dynamic decay time – to make SuperPlate a versatile go-to reverb effect. It sounds great and it’s fun and easy to use.

According to Soundtoys, it will be an additional purchase for all Effect Rack 5 users.

First Impression

Soundtoys was quiet for a long time. This is the first plugin in a long time. Glad to see there’s are back with something new. Honestly, Superplate isn’t a groundbreaking new effect, but if it’s on Little Plate’s level, then the plugin could be a big deal for many users, especially for Soundtoys lovers.

Soundtoys Superplate is available now for an introductory price of $79 instead of $149. Upgrades are $29, and every purchase includes Little Plate reverb for free.

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