GEOSynths Secrets Vol 1, New Arturia Polybrute Synthesizer Library With 96 Patches

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GEOSynths has introduced Secrets Vol 1, a new patch library for the Arturia PolyBrute analog polyphonic Synthesizer featuring 96 great-sounding and versatile patches. 

The PolyBrute is the first polyphonic analog Synthesizer from the French company Arturia. In this, they merge the well-known raw Brute character with many classic synthesis elements and innovative features. It took a while, but the first batches have now been delivered to the customers.

Among the first customers are also many third-party sound designers who are busy designing their own patch libraries for this new analog flagship. GEOSynth is one of the first to have the PolyBrute in his magic sound design hands. With Secrets Vol 1 he shows his first sound library for the PolyBrute.


GEOSynths Secrets Vol 1

Secrets Vol 1 is a new patch library for Arturia’s new analog polyphonic Synthesizer, the PolyBrute. It features a bank with 96 new patches that include a wide range of new sonic timbres. From slowly evolving pads to strings, to warm, fat basses, funky leads to traditional keys.

Jamies Morden aka GEOSynth used all the special features of the Polybrute in the sound design process of Secrets Vol 1 such as the dual analog filter or the A B layer functionality. With the latter, you can add subtle changes to the sound, to dramatic and completely new sounds on each. Nice that the new GEOSynths patches support this functionality so you have much longer fun with them.

He also set controllers for the majority of the patches, where relevant and control elements such as the filter, LFO rates, vibrato, and more. Both a Project and Bank have been included for easy installation (requires POLYBRUTE Connect) and all Patches have descriptions.

And if you don’t have a PolyBrute, these are nice demos where you can also hear the synth outside of its factory presets.

At first glance a nice patch library that reveals many new sonic corners of the PolyBrute.

GEOSynths Secrets is available now for $37 USD.

More information here: GEOSynths

Arturia PolyBrute is available at our partner

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