Superbooth 24: Rabid Elephant Nexus SEQ, an inspiring sequencer for Eurorack

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Superbooth 24: Rabid Elephant Nexus SEQ is a new, inspiring sequencer with a unique concept and feature set for Eurorack.

Modules modules modules. That was Superbooth 24. Many of the new releases will be available quickly and in sufficient quantities. That was different for the Rabid Elephant releases.

Every module from the company was only available after months of waiting. It is a bit like how the situation was with the Mutable Instruments modules. Yes, Superbooth 24 coverage is not yet over. Also, Rabid Elephant had new modules on the booth. Of course, again, with a long waiting time.

Rabid Elephant Nexus Seq

Rabid Elephant Nexus SEQ

There are two new modules, Rabid Elephant modules. But only if you can wait up to 14 months. NEXUS SEQ is a new creative sequencer module with a playable concept. 

It is based on a workflow that starts with short ideas like riffs, adding variations or tweaks to get started. From here, you can extend your initial input to longer phrases or even a song.

It has two independent sequencers, ‘MN’ and ‘PQ’, each with 2 CV lanes for a total of 4 CV outputs. So you have four sequencer lanes. Sequences can be programmed by recording either live or entering steps step-by-step offline.

Rabid Elephant promises that the module will feel like an instrument more than a programmer. Plus, you can use it in live situations without stopping the music.

One sequencer can also be set to sequence the other, making it easy to transpose song sections, add variations, or create complex polyrhythmic patterns without the need for tedious editing.

Then, each sequencer has individual glide time, and you can enable and store glides per step. Sequencer lane P also has per-step octave up/down. In addition, the length of a sequencer can be conveniently adjusted using Cherry computer-style buttons.

Each lane supports a wide range of selectable output voltages: 0-2V, 0-5V, or 0-10V (unipolar positive), -1 to 1V, -2.5 to 2.5V, or -5 to 5V (bipolar), or -2 to 0V, -5 to 0V, or -10 to 0V (unipolar negative). This gives you maximum flexibility. 

The knobs are also special. Rabid Elephant has added to the Nexus SEQ, not standard potentiometers but dual concentric knobs with which you can perform two functions simultaneously. This means the user only has to set one knob for any steps you want to sound the same.

In nine sequence slots, you can store and load sequences with the ability to record a chain of sequences to playback automatically. Super quick copy and paste of sequences is also implemented.

Nexus SEQ NSX Gate Expander

The expander is almost a must-buy if you pre-order the Nexus SEQ. Not only does it mean you won’t have to wait another 14 months, but it also means many other things are possible. 

The NSX Gate Expander turns the sequencer into a gate and rhythm sequencer. Once connected, you can jam with resets, gate lengths, note repeats, and velo gates, aka gates with variable amplitude. Typical keyboard on/off style gate outputs are also possible.

Rabid Elephant promises future software expansions thanks to the built-in ARM7 CPU, which is capable of 600MHz, USB, SD card, I2C, etc.

First Impression

At first glance, a unique sequencer. I’m not quite sure if I understand the whole concept perfectly. I think more demos will definitely help. 

Rabid Elephant Nexus SEQ is available now for pre-order for 527,95€. If you pre-order now, the wait time may be up to 14 months.

More information here: Rabid Elephant 

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