Superbooth 24: Korg minilogue xd inverted, hybrid polysynth in new limited edition clothes

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Superbooth 24: Korg minilogue xd inverted is a new limited edition of its best-selling 4-voice hybrid polyphonic Synthesizer. 

The Korg minilogue XD is an innovative hybrid Synthesizer. It is novel because, in addition to two classic analog oscillators, it also includes an SDK-based digital engine for the oscillators and effects. With the SDK, third-party developers can develop plugins that can be loaded into the synth.

A concept that already existed in the discontinued prologue 8 and 16. Sorry, a new Prologue won’t be coming to Superbooth 24. But there is a new limited edition version of the Korg minilogue xd, called minilogue xd inverted.

Korg minilogue xd inverted

Korg minilogue xd inverted

The minilogue xd is identical to the regular minilogue XD keyboard and desktop. The only difference is the color layout, which offers an inverted keyboard, where the white keys are colored white and vice versa. 

According to Korg, this “unusual design is reminiscent of early acoustic and electronic keyboard instruments and gives the instrument a striking, iconic look that attracts everyone’s attention both on stage and in the studio.”

Korg minilogue xd inverted

All other features are the same on the Korg minilogue xd inverted


  • 4-voice polyphonic hybrid analog Synthesizer 
  • 37 keys slim keys 
  • 2 analog oscillators per voice 
  • analog lowpass filter with two-stage drive circuit
  • digital multi-oscillator ((Noise / VPM / Wavetable / User)
  • digital effects section (modulation / delay / reverb / user), up to three effects can be used at the same time
  • idividually expandable: 16 storage locations for user oscillators, 32 storage locations for user effects
  • polyphonic step sequencer with 16 steps and motion sequencing for up to four parameters
  • OLED display with oscilloscope function
  • programmable X/Y joystick
  • 500 sound storage locations (200 pre-assigned at the factory, can be overwritten)
  • connections: Headphones, Output L/Mono, Output R, CV IN 1/2, Sync In/Out, MIDI In/Out, USB-B, Damper Pedal
  • free Librarian software, free logue SDK to create your own oscillators and effects
  • includes power supply

First Impression

Of course, we would be more pleased with a new Korg prologue mk2. The new inverted version of the minilogue xd looks nice, but it’s not a highlight for the Superbooth 24. And the 350€ surcharge (599€ the regular) you have to pay for other keys is pretty high. 

Korg minilogue XD will be available in July 2024 for 929€ (incl. VAT).

More information here: Korg 

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  1. I was looking for a synth for travel since Im out and about a lot for work and got a little excited reading this until I saw that surcharge – that’s pretty high. Hopefully another minilogue sized synth (or that TEO-5) get’s announced soon.

    • because this is just a limited edition version with the same hardware but different color layout. To make an audio in possible, they need to make a complete new version 🙂

      • the idea was to compare the monologue with the 3 octave inverted keybed becasue they cost the same.

        Conclusion: You can get three octaves of color inverted keys or a whole monosynth for 300€

  2. Korg minilogue XD will be available in July 2024 for 929€

    LMFAO. They’re doubling the price on a 5 year old cheap built synth.

  3. “Of course, we would be more pleased with a new Korg prologue mk2′ – agreed. however, a new SDK, a couple of facelifts and a new nts should be a harbinger of a new synth. hopefully 5 octaves, and not another chintsy 3-banger.

  4. Korg should invest their money and time in a Prologue MKII and not waste money on designing and manufacturing narrow inverted keys. Korg you are not doing it right 😡🚫❌

  5. I’m seeing this available to pre-order for the same price as the regular black version. Checked Andertons in the UK and Zzounds in the US.

  6. I typed that previous comment to soon! Just realized, it’s 599 in the uk, normal is 499. (i compared to the other sold version) In the US, both are 679.

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