Noise Engineering Gamut Repetitor, a quad random quantized voltage generator

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Noise Engineering Gamut Repetitor is a new quad random quantized voltage generator and generative CV sequencer for Eurorack.

Making generative music is currently very trendy. Many hardware manufacturers offer complete desktop sequencers or Eurorack modules with which you can immerse yourself in the generative world.  Often just turning a few knobs or pressing a few buttons is enough to generate beautiful, complex sequences.

Gamut Repetitor from the US-based Noise Engineering that deals with this topic. 

Noise Engineering Gamut Reptitor

Noise Engineering Gamut Repetitor

Gamut Repetitor is a new four-channel random quantized voltage generator. It has two operation modes: continuous generation or looped random voltages up to 32 steps on each channel.

Each sequence can be tweaked on the fly, using various parameters: key, length, loop, spread, or up and down. The spread knob changes here the amount of deviation from the root note up to a 2-octave range in semitones. They can be triggered individually or all with a single, via normalization. 

Thanks to its built-in quantizer, you can also use a scale function with 27  scales grouped across three selectable CV-controllable switches. This allows you to generate patterns on the fly very easily and in a fun way. 

Then, each channel of Noise Engineering Gamut Repetitor also has an independent input dedicated trigger, and CV outputs. Functions like reset, spread, and length are also controllable with CV.

Patching GR is as simple as sending in a trigger pattern and turning Length up. Then you can use the built-in quantizer, key, and range controls to change the way voltages are generated. Once you hear something you like, turn the Length down to a sequence length you like (up to 32) and loop away!

The trigger outputs can simply pass through the input trigger, or they can generate random triggers for more modular merrymaking.

First Impression

It is an exciting module if you want to generate endless, inspiring generative sequences. The module is also compact at 10HP and takes up little space in the rack.

Noise Engineering Gamut Repetitor is available now for $370. 

More information here: Noise Engineering 

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    • Such a strange comment.

      NE are very creative, and technically/technologically fluent. They’re able to produce all sorts of interesting modules. To your mind this is “nauseating”? Why?

      As for that bizarre adjective “money-grab”, it’s enough to point to their platform strategy and the free firmwares to show that they balance their ability to carry on as a business with providing ongoing value to their customers.

      I love them.

      • I agree with your assessment. NE also donates a portion of profits from some of their modules to environmental issues, such as helping bats and highly endangered pangolins. They are good people.

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