Oi Grandad v2, free granular Synthesizer plugin (mac, linux, win) gets a major makeover

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Oi Grandad v2 is a new version of Rick Taylor’s free granular Synthesizer plugin (mac/Linux/win) with new features, fresh UI, and more.

I reported on the Oi Grandad!, a free and open-source granular Synthesizer plugin two years ago. However, the implementation was a bit shaky, in my opinion. It had high CPU consumption, a difficult UI, and missing features.

Some releases need a little more time to improve. This is also the case here. Rick Taylor, the developer, has just released Oi Grandad v2, a major update for its granular synth with new features, and improvements. 

Oi Grandad v2

Oi Grandad v2

Version 2 is still a 100% free and open-source plugin for macOS, Linux, and Windows. When you open it for the first time, you will notice the first major new change. The GUI has been completely redesigned and now looks nicer and tidier.  The main knobs are now blue, and the associated modulation is red. 

On the synthesis side, it remains the same. It’s a granular Synthesizer with four independent slots, each capable of hosting a stereo sample. A large part of the previous features for the individual granular slots are still there: position, grain, density, detune, spread, and pitch.

Each voice in Oi Grandad v2 now features up to four position sliders, giving you more ways to granulate your sound content. Then, each slot also benefits now from various pitch quantization options (fixed, scale…).

More Shaping & Modulation Power

Besides the filter per voice, there is also now a waveguide resonator/delay, allowing you to mangle even further your granulated samples. It offers time, feedback, mix, and a built-in cutoff filter with modulation options.

Also, the modulation engine had a major makeover in version 2. It still offers 12 modulators that can either be a one-shot envelope, loopable envelope aka LFO, or a sequencer.

The envelope now offers four selectable preset stages, where you can program your custom stage in and morph through it. Plus, you can sync them to your DAW transport control.

Oi Grandad v2

That’s a powerful modulation engine. 12 mod generation is a lot, which you can find only in a few commercial synth plugins.

Further, Oi Grandad v2 comes with a dedicated master control page, allowing you for quick modification of each voice. There are also new LED indicators for round-robin mode, and new comprehensive, post-synth routing options,

First Impression

V2 is a great development of this free, open-source granular synthesizer. The new features like the resonators or the better UI make it much easier to work with. Thanks, Rick, for making this free update possible.

Oi Grandad v2 is available now as a free download on GitHub. It runs as a VST3 and AU plugin on macOS (native Apple Silicon + Intel), Linux, and Windows. You can support the developer via its Gumroad sound shop.

More information here: GitHub 

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