Aberrant DSP Lair, new reverb plugin with a mysterious touch

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Aberrant DSP has released Lair, a new reverb plugin for macOS and Windows with a unique feature set for special reverberator effects

The creative degradation of signals has been a big topic for the plugin company Aberrant DSP. Each plugin (Digitalis, SketchCasette II, etc.) has unique features, making them very fascinating. Plus, the vintage computer-style Us also contributed to this. 

With Lair, Aberrant DSP is diving into new areas for the first time. It is a reverb, but as expected, not a standard one.

Aberrant DSP Lair

Aberrant DSP Lair

Welcome to the mysterious and unknown. Lair is a new reverb plugin equipped with special effects and modulation that takes you into unique worlds.

It starts with a lovely, unusual GUI that is anything but classic. It’s like asking a fortune-teller to generate your reverbs.

Lair hosts three creative reverberation modes, aka devices, each with two unique modifiers serving as tailored special effects. The first is called Artifact and generates dark, diffuse, or spring-like reverberant wash effects. You can add random to the reverb time, and modify the Artifact’s echoes.

Then, Mirror is designed to generate metallic and shimmering sounds. Aberrant DSP describes it as a steel plate in purgatory. There are also two special FX parameters available:

  • purity distills the reverberations to their most essential tones with adjustable frequency Focus.
  • glister mixes in frantic pitched-up harmonies.

Rift is the third and last algorithm, enveloping your sounds with mystical echoes from other planes. The attunement parameter pulls haunted resonances out from the gulf with control of their harmonic shade while instability dissolves the portal into abyssal entropy.

Aberrant DSP also added a drive unit with three flavors of distortion in the reverb engine with control over the amount, mix, and dry signal drive. A modulation system, LFO, is also onboard and has three waveform options for subtle motion to wild results.

Further, you can shape the Lair character with filtering, work with stereo width and apply dynamic ducking. The latter has an adjustable release time. Plus, you get global controls for the mix, overall reverberation, reverberation sparsity, and pre-delay.

Aberrant DSP Lair also ships with preset browser with 77 factory presets.

First Impression

At first glance, a very unique reverb plugin. The first sound demos give a nice overview of where the journey is headed. Not what many reverbs can do. If you like things mysterious and experimental, you might find something for your sounds here

Aberrant DSP Lair is available now for an introductory price of $24/22€ instead of $36 USD. It runs as a VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS (native Apple Silicon + Intel) and Windows. If you buy it at Plugin Boutique in June, you get Rhodes V-Pan or Krotos Simple Monsters for free with every purchase. 

More information here: Aberrant DSP 

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  1. Such an amazing plugin from an amazing company. The drive knob on this thing is NASTY. Using it all over my productions.

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