Tiptop Audio Buchla Model 245t sequential voltage source is available now

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Tiptop Audio Model 245t, the Eurorack adaptation of the Buchla  5-step sequencer aka sequential voltage source is available now.

At the Superbooth 2021, Tiptop Audio caused a big surprise with the introduction of the Buchla 200 module series for Eurorack in collaboration with the original developers. This is mainly because they are making the Buchla modular system affordable for the first time.

Two modules are already available: the dual oscillator Model 258t and the Model 281t quad function generator. Good news: the third module is also now available from retailers.

Tiptop Audio Buchla Model 245t

Tiptop Audio Buchla Model 245t

The third module available module is the Tiptop Audio Buchla Model 245t. It’s the sequential voltage source module that can be used as a pulse generator and voltage storage with sequencing.

First, you have the pulse stage that generates a control pulse which let you advance the stages in the voltage stage section of the module. It generates a pulse of 10v followed by a 5v gate whose length can be adjusted with the pulse length knob and the internal time knob. The latter can be set from milliseconds up to 10 seconds

Then, you have four lines, each with 5 steps. It is basically a 5-step sequencer where each step (stage) has 4 voltage knobs with individual outputs A-D. So you have 4 channels of 5 steps that can be advanced by the pulser. Each stage also has a gate output and there are also stage select inputs allowing to you plug into any stage.

At first glance, the Model 245t looks like a very limited module. However, there is a lot of functionality in the module. It is one of those modules where you only recognize the versatility of this module through clever patching. And it is also the module that contributes a lot to the unique character of the Buchla Synthesizer.

Tiptop Audio Model 245t is available now for $245 USD/298€.

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